Sword Canes

sword canesSword canes, often called cane swords or walking swords, were invented when Samurai were banned from carrying their swords in public. Back in the Edwardian world of Dickens, Verne and Gentleman Jack, Europeans adapted cane swords to meet their needs. Unlike today, it was expected of a gentleman to be able to “thwart” the use of violence against his person, to be a protector of those under his auspices, and to be skilled in the “manly arts” of weaponry and self defense. Today, a sword cane is a decorative piece only, as most parts of the United States consider them to be a concealed weapon. However, many people still consider them to be a meaningful part of their fashion statement and part of good old self defense. Whatever your needs, we are sure to have a style that will suit your needs.

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