Traditional Pocket Knives

Traditional pocket knivesPocket knives and folding knives are probably the most carried tool in modern day. Folding knives are used daily for opening envelopes, cutting twine, slicing apples, working on a construction site and even in law enforcement.
Folding knives began as slipjoints, meaning that the blade does not lock, but, once opened is held in place by a spring device that allows the blade to fold with a certain amount of pressure. In the early 1900s, the knife world popularized a variety of locking mechanisms for pocket knives. It was the advent of the lock back or lock blade that grew many of the names we know today such as Buck, Benchmade, Camillus, Gerber, Kershaw, Leatherman, Spyderco and others. 

Pick from our wide selection of traditional pocket knives below or check our tactical knives or assisted openers for a new flavor. Personally, the trapper/whittler/canoe styles are always in style.


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