Highlands 1 Ball Flail Mace

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Our 1 Ball Flail is sturdy and can take a beating. Comes with a 16" wrapped hardwood handle with a 15" chain and one steel spiked balls.

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Highlands 1 Ball Flail Mace

Highlands 1 Ball Flail Mace

Our 1 Ball Flail is sturdy and can take a beating.   Comes with a 16" wrapped hardwood handle with a 15" chain and one steel spiked balls.

The military flail is a hand weapon in which the handle is attached to the striking part of weapon by a flexible chain or cord.

Throughout the Middle-Ages, agricultural flails were sometimes employed as an improvised weapon by peasant armies conscripted into military service or engaged in popular uprisings.

16th century peasant rebels.  For example, in the 1420-1434 period, the Hussites fielded large numbers of peasant foot soldiers armed with flails. These weapons often featured anti-personnel studs or spikes embedded in the striking end, so they were not always simple agricultural tools snatched up in a hurry by rural insurrectionists: they could be purpose-built instruments of warfare, too, fashioned with professional skill by proper weapon-smiths.


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