ArmorYou need that AWESOME piece for your collection and we want to give you the best quality at an incredible price. When ordering Armor (Armour) please note that shipping lead time is two weeks to ship. Much of our Armour is hand crafted to order. This lead time is an slight inconvenience but helps insure we can offer you the highest quality armor.

Armor has been used since the ancient times as a means of protection for warriors. At first, the armor was plain and simple. A thick leather covering was used as a means of protection. With time other, harder materials were incorporated such as bone or wood. Later, with the development of metallurgy, metal scales, rings or small plates were used. They usually were attached to leather or woven in between layers of material. Such armor was called brigandine and it was used in Europe between 10th and 16th century. At first the metal plates were small as manufacture of such plates was expensive. With the improvement of technology, the plates were getting bigger and covered more areas of the warrior’s body. The culmination of such armor as the suit of armor which covered knights and warriors almost entirely. Parts that were still exposed, such as joints, were covered by chain mail. 

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