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Extendable Batons and TonfasWhen a criminal is so close nothing you could be using at a distance would be effective, a compact baton is ideal. Expandable batons are meant to be used at a distance.

This expandable steel baton is great for both offensive and defense techniques you would need to employ in a self defense situation. Expandable batons fit perfect in your boot or next to you in your car. If a bad guy wants to make trouble, you'll have something for them. Collapsible batons can be easily hidden and quickly extended for immediate use.

Most police officers in the US are issued telescopic batons. if police carry batons and tonfas, why shouldn't you have one for self defense too? Our sling out, self protection batons are first rate and will make you will feel at ease when carrying one for self defense. Now, protect yourself and your family.

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