Crossbows: Looking for a 45lb draw for play or a 150lb draw crossbow for hunting. Maybe you just want to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse. 

Crossbow Aiming and Hunting Techniques

  • Always cock your crossbow consistently in the same place. Failure to do so can lead to off setting of your site. Marking your string while it is at rest with two marks on either side of the stock should remedy this problem.
  • The accuracy of the arrow is two dimensional. The proper combination of arrow and broadhead is needed. The smaller the broadhead the better the accuracy, in general. The task for the arrow is to correct any play the broadhead might introduce to the flight. It accomplishes this by spinning. A slight offset with straight clamps works very well.
  • Trajectory is the key to any good shot. Remember most shots are under 20 yards. There's no point in shooting past that because the variation in the shot will vary too much for any regular sized target or game. 
    • Assuming you set your site at 20 yards then your trajectory will be one or two inches high at fifteen yards, and two or three inches low at twenty-five yards.
Pro tip: Care should be taken when shooting from a tree stand since the crossbow stock will kick in a upward direction. Make sure the area around your crossbow is clear of any limbs or other objects before firing.
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