Native American DrumsMy friend Keith Little Badger is a wonderful drum maker. We don't have plywood drums.  We don't have cheap drums.  We have drums that are strong, holdup, and will take a beating.

If you are looking for a real drum and a well made drum you will not be disappointed with Keith's Drums. You can not buy a better drum.  You can buy a cheaper drum but you can't buy a better drum.  I feel so strongly about this that I give a full guarantee.  You are not happy with a drum I will take it back no questions asked as long as it is not damaged or over used (I don't refund shipping)

As a Native American, Keith preserves his heritage by practicing the craft his Grandfather passed down to him: he builds authentic NATIVE AMERICAN DRUMS.

WHY BUY OUR DRUMS? First off, all drums are Green, ecological. There are no trees cut down.  All drums are made from recycled wood.  All our cedar comes from river recovered cedar. Our cottonwood comes from dead and fallen trees.

There are no poisons or chemicals used on the rawhide.  All rawhide is organically treated.  Our rawhide is unique to us and you will not find it anywhere else.  We do not use Buffalo. Buffalo are sacred.  We use beef hides from the meat industry.  We give the spirit of these animals a noble and worthy end that they deserve.

Keith is a craftsman working in the old ways.  You will never find a plywood drum on this site.  Keith painstakingly cuts, planes, hammers, glues and sands every board of lumber to make each unique hand drum, sweat lodge drum or powwow drum. 

From the sawmill to your hands your native drum is handled by Keith and myself in a loving, respectful way. We believe that native drums are sacred instruments - from their construction in Keith's hands, to resting in your hands.

You can tell that our drums look different because they are different.  We are the only people that make our drums the way we do.  Our process has been passed down from generation to generation as it should be.

We are committed to promoting Native American culture.  Making drums is not a job, it is a CALLING.  It is Keith's MISSION.

It is important to know that we are in full compliance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, which helps ensure that only Native North American People market and sell authentic Native North American crafts.  The Act requires all artists to accurately label their crafts so that consumers know whether they are purchasing authentic Native American crafts.  According to the Act, Native American People make Native American Drums. 

We build hand drums, sweat lodge drums, and powwow drums.  We offer each type of drum in several standard sizes, or we can build a drum to your custom size specifications.

  • All native drums come with a drum stick.  
  • All powwow drums come with a stand.

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