Hapkido Runner Straight Line Butterfly Bali Song

Hapkido Runner

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These  Butterfly's are made by Hapkido Runner exclusively for Extremely-Sharp.
Our Straight Line Butterflys are unique in the Bali Song world. They are lightweight but don't let that confuse you, they are abnormally strong. These Bali Songs are 9" long open with a 4" blade. The handle is solid with heavy pins. The blade style is a drop point dagger, blood groove with a very sharp edge. The blade is made from strong 440 stainless steel with a deep baked black finish. The design gives the blade a swift trajectory. The blade also has a thumb groove on both sides of the blade. The handle is made from solid, strong aircraft steel. The pins are strong and ready for some hard practice. The handle comes with a bottom lock. Each knife is tough and ready for a workout.
Open: 9"
Closed: 5"
Blade: 4"
Comes with an ABS belt sheath.
Before a Bali-song was a bali song or a butterfly knife it was known as a fan knife. A fan knife is a folding pocket knife with two handles that counter rotate around the tang of the knife. In the hands of a trained user the blade can be brought quickly to one hand to the other in a flipping or fanning move. When closed the blade is hidden in the handle grooves. These knives were also known as Batangas named after a province of the same name in the Philippines. This is where the first fan knives or butterflies were traditionally made. The Filipino people used the bali song as both a utility knife and a self defense weapon. They were also used as razors until conventional razors were available.

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