Nunchaku and Chains

Nunchaku and Nunchucks

The nunchaku is one of the most popular martial arts weapons because of it's fast speed and compact size. They are traditionally a striking weapon, but are also commonly used for joint manipulations and deflecting other weapons. Whether you are taking nunchuck lessons or doing a weapons demo, you can always find a huge selection of nunchaku in stock at Extremely-Sharp.

Nunchuck is an abbreviation of the Japanese word nunchuku. Nunchuku is usually translated as flail and is traditionally considered a karate weapon. Some Chinese call it by the Mandarin term erjie gun (two-section stick.) Classical nunchuku dimensions conform to their user's anatomy. The linking chain is the length of the back of the user's hand. The two sticks are as long as the distance between the user's wrist and elbow. These dimensions are optimal, they allow the execution of many maneuvers. Anybody can use a sword but nunchucks show that you have skill.

The names include from nunchuck, numchuck, nunchucks, nunchaku, chaku sticks, Dual Section Staff, Two Section Staff or even Boatman's staff, but the purpose of these weapons are the same in all regions. Each Nunchaku that we offer is a durable, quality, pair of chucks that will serve you well. We also carry Manriki and Manrikigusari Chains, the top brands of throwing knives and tons of exclusive shuriken and ninja stars. For fun, there are always pen knives.

Regular Nunchaku are 12 inches long and speed chucks are 8 inches long. All chains are heavy duty with quality ball bearings. Get the ultimate ninja weapon today!

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