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sword setsAre you looking for a set to be a conversation piece in your home or office? Or, are you looking for a full tang martial arts sets for the arts? We should be able to help with either. With the Japanese sword sets, the katana is typically paired with a wakizashi or sh?t?, a similarly made but shorter sword. Both of these have been worn by members of the warrior class throughout history. A tant?, an even smaller similarly shaped blade, may also be added to the ensemble to represent a heightened status. The katana and wakizashi together are called the daish?, which literally means big-small, and represented the social power and personal honor of the samurai. The long blade of the katana was used by the samurai for open combat, while the shorter blade was considered a side arm, more suited for stabbing, close combat (such as indoors), and seppuku, a form of ritual suicide.

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