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throwing knivesexclusive retailerRemember, throwing knives is way cooler than playing corn hole. Stand out while tailgating. Pick up some throwing Knives - as individual knives, dual sets and pro targets.

Knife throwing is an art that takes much practice but can be a huge amount of fun. Throwing knives are almost always one-piece rather than the traditional knives that have a handle manufactured separately from the blade and attached later. Many throwing knives are double-edged and can be used as fighting knives, for self defense, if necessary.

The art of knife throwing is easy to master – it just takes time and patience. Knives will rotate as they fly, making it difficult to predict whether the point or the handle will be facing toward the target when it strikes. Practice teaches how to calculate the distance to your target and how to change the number of spins the knife undergoes before striking. Pro tip: a shuriken or throwing star can help you pick up the skill faster.
  • Hapkido Runner Rascal Clan 12 Throwing Knives QUICK VIEW

    Hapkido Runner Rascal Clan 12 Throwing Knives

    $ 44.95 $ 22.95 SALE NEW

    Hapkido Runner Rascal Clan 12 Throwing Knives

    $ 22.95 $ 44.95

     Our Hapkidos are incredibly popular.  Hapkido has found itself in Japanese Anime most recently seen as Naruto Kunai Uzumaki. This is a set of 12 Hapkido Runner throwing knives.  There...
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  • Crazy Joe Lady's Choice Throwing Knives QUICK VIEW

    Crazy Joe Lady's Choice Throwing Knives

    $ 29.95 $ 11.95 SALE

    Crazy Joe Lady's Choice Throwing Knives

    $ 11.95 $ 29.95

    Crazy Joe blades have proved over and over again to be one of our best lines. Crazy Joes knives are functional and affordable. We are offering this Crazy Joe Lady's...
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