Amakuni Yasutsuna Full Tang Samurai Sword


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This katana is extra strong with it's full tang blade which means handle pins to break. This is a long Samurai built for battle at 41" long. The Amakuni is also called the sword of war. The blade is an awesome 26" long and made from deluxe 440 stainless steel for extreme strength an durability. The blade is live steel and sharp. The handles are made from polished hardwoods and attached with brass rivets to the blade handle.

The sheath comes with scabbard that has brass end cap and fore cap. The fore cap has the bust of Amakuni Yasutsuna embossed on it. Looking good.

A good Full Tang Katana is a rare find. That is why we developed our Amakuni Yasutsuna full Tang Katana. The Sword that honor the Father of the Samurai Sword, Amakuni Yasutsuna.
Amakuni Yasutsuna (The Father of the Samurai) and his son, Amakura, are attributed to were the head smiths employed by the Emperor to make swords for his armies.

One day, so this legend of Samurai sword history goes, after returning from battle the Emperor and his warriors passed by Amakuni's forge without so much as a word, instead of greeting him warmly as they usually did. With great shame and horror, Amakuni's heart sunk when he noticed that as the warriors came back, most of their swords had been broken or badly damaged in the heat of battle.

Amakuni and his son inspected the damaged and broken blades and realized that their failure was the result of incorrect forging. Vowing then and there to create the perfect sword, and win back the Emperors lost favor, Amakuni and his son locked themselves in the forge and prayed feverishly to the Shinto gods for inspiration.

On the seventh night, the divine came to them both in a dream - a glowing image of a single edged, slightly curved blade...

As soon as the first rays of the sun infiltrated the forge, each knowing without a word exactly what they must do, they set about creating the sword revealed to them by the Kami.

When Amakuni first presented his divinely inspired sword to the emperor, the other sword smiths thought him quite mad. But he persisted, further refining the methods he had developed, until finally, when the warriors returned from battle the following year, not a single sword was broken. The Emperor came up to the smith, and as he passed he said with a smile "You are an expert sword maker. None of the Swords you made failed in battle."

Amakuni had won back the Emperors favor and later died a happy and contended old man.

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