Professional Double-Lock Nickel-Plated Steel Police Handcuffs


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Our Chain Link Handcuffs are a great law enforcement handcuff made to fit tight budgets without compromising quality and safety. Be careful there are some real crap handcuffs out there pretending to be real.  Our Handcuffs are designed to meet the strictest demands often placed on this essential piece of equipment. These cuffs are a real handcuff  They are standard sized, double locking and comes with two handcuff keys. Keep them contained with our Extremely-Sharp Handcuffs. Made by Extremely-Sharp.

Whether you are a police officer, bail bondsman, or security guard, handcuffing people may be important occurrences in your line of work. Knowing how to use handcuffs correctly is important for ensuring that either you or the person handcuffed are not injured or to avoid being surprised by an escape from the handcuffs. To ensure that the handcuffing is both secure and comfortable, here is what to do.

Handcuffs with double locks have a detent which when engaged stops the cuff from ratcheting tighter to prevent the wearer from tightening them. Tightening could be intentional or by struggling; if tightened, the handcuffs may cause nerve damage or loss of circulation. Also some wearers could tighten the cuffs to attempt an escape by having the officer loosen the cuffs and attempting to escape while the cuffs are loose. Double locks also make picking the locks more difficult.

Handcuff Instructions: 

  • Carry Handcuffs correctly
  • Be well balanced when handcuffing the person.
  • Take your handcuffs out or have someone hand them to you.
  • Pull person's hands behind their back, palms together, thumbs up.
  • Push the bow till it pivots.  Then lock the cuffs. 
  • Test the tightness.  Make sure they are not two tight or to lose.
  • Lock the double lock so Cuffs will not tighten or be tampered with.

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