Ninja-Martial Arts

Ninja-Martial Arts gearWith all these billionaires, not one of them has become batman. It will take a real man or woman to be prepared. Well, that or just have the most awesome gear for your next camping trip. Can anyone say super parent? 

The ninja was always prepared and you will be too. Add to your collection of martial arts weapons, including nunchaku, batons, martial arts swords, training weapons and a good many things that you will only find here. Check out our exclusive collection of throwing knives and shurikens from Jensen Expeditions, Hapkido Runner and Crazy Joe Blades. Looking for even more adventure? We can also help you find a Sai, Kama, other specialty ninja equipment, a pair of nunchuku or a stealthy pen knife for your bag. 

  • Bayou Crick Bailisong flip knife Butterfly  Blade QUICK VIEW

    Bayou Crick Bailisong flip knife Butterfly Blade

    $ 42.99 $ 21.99 SALE NEW

    Bayou Crick Bailisong flip knife Butterfly Blade

    $ 21.99 $ 42.99

    This knife is a bali from older distinct cultures with a modern flair.  The  old school Philippine design has a tooled aircraft aluminum handle. The faux double edge blade is  made from...
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  • My High School Butterfly QUICK VIEW

    My High School Butterfly

    Out of stock SALE NEW

    My High School Butterfly

    $ 14.99 $ 26.99

    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    This is the butterfly we got back in high school.  I graduated in 1976.  This was our butterfly.  Comes in Chrome or black.  Handles are cast and blades are 440...
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  • Punisher 3 winged Bo Shuriken Set Heavy Throwing Star QUICK VIEW

    Punisher 3 winged Bo Shuriken Set Heavy Throwing Star

    $ 38.99 $ 24.99 SALE NEW

    Punisher 3 winged Bo Shuriken Set Heavy Throwing Star

    $ 24.99 $ 38.99

    Heavy Bo Shuriken's in the style of The Punisher.  There are 3 in this set.  The Punisher Skull is stamped in the forging process.  Black sandblasted 440 stainless steal made...
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