Stun Guns

Stun guns - perfect for runningStun guns are the most affordable, most effective self defense weapon money can buy. Also called tasers or tazers, stun guns. Stun guns are great for person self defense. They are non-lethal and offer many advantages over other self defense supplies.  Keep stun guns out of the reach of children. Don’t leave them where your kids can play with them. Check with your state laws regarding stun guns – know the rules before you make a purchase.

We have seen many brands of stun guns come and go, but the guns we offer here are here to stay. We offer several brands of stun guns because we like to give our customers choice. These stun guns usually require only a 9V battery and can produce as much as 1 million volts of stopping power. Some advantages are:

  • Easy to Use
  • Very light in weight and portable
  • Can come in disguised forms, so you get the element of surprise
  • Can be used multiple times before the battery dies 

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