Ninja Weapons

Ninja Weapons and pair of saiSai, Kamas, and other specialty ninja equipment

The traditionally made Sai are small (10-24 inch) dagger-shaped truncheons that have 2 short prongs and one long one in the middle. They possibly derived from a pitchfork head, because farmers did use a tool similar to measure how far into the ground their seeds needed to be planted.

  • Crazy Joe Tight Rope Super Hero Shuriken Throwing Star set QUICK VIEW

    Crazy Joe Tight Rope Super Hero Shuriken Throwing Star set

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    Crazy Joe Tight Rope Super Hero Shuriken Throwing Star set

    $ 16.95 $ 49.95

    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Crazy Joe Shurikens are satisfying to throw. You'll instantly feel like a PRO. They are made from sturdy weight stainless steel making them easier to throw and still tough as...
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  • Escrima Stick Case QUICK VIEW

    Escrima Stick Case

    $ 19.95 $ 11.95 SALE

    Escrima Stick Case

    $ 11.95 $ 19.95

    These Escrima Stick Cases help protect your investment. They also aid in getting your Escrima Sticks from point A to point B. Choose between vinyl and canvas. Each case will...
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  • Sai Case w/ Zipper QUICK VIEW

    Sai Case w/ Zipper

    $ 29.95 $ 18.95 SALE

    Sai Case w/ Zipper

    $ 18.95 $ 29.95

    This Sai case will keep your investment safe. Top quality leather, red plush insides, plus, the case is a great way to transport your sais. The case holds one pair...
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