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Kickoff to Summer - get outdoors

It's less than 75 days until college football is back! Enter to win a signed copy of Tony Barnhart's "Southern Fried Football"! We're picking 3 winners.

Get outdoors this summer, get prepared for football season and win a copy from our friend
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Giveaway: Become a Real Life Ninja Assassin

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VIP Membership Family and Friends

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Adventure Giveaway Knives and Survival Gear

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Hinting Season - knives swords and survival gear

It's that time of year again. The temps are dropping and the shorter hours of daylight make us appreciate it that much more. That also means a very important season is getting started. Hinting Season.

Yes, may have been thinking hunting season or Christmas. We definitely look forward to those too. But it also gets us thinking.

Your ______ wants to get you an awesome gift. They just don't know what to get you, so we're going to help out. Tell us what you really want and we'll try to pass the tip along. #hintingseason.

Hinting Season - throwing knives

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Win this sweet Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Zombie Apocalypse Giveaway  Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Giveaway

Win this sweet "Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit" from right now! Enter the contest at 

Everything you need to make it to safety and have some fun along the way...crossbow, dual short swords, arrows, hand-to-hand combat manual, fire starter & P38 can opener.

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October Giveaway Winner: The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

We know there are some big fans of The Walking Dead in our community, and we're right there with you. As we all got more excited for TWD to return, we figure that we have to do our part to get every prepared so we put together the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit and teamed up with some AWESOME partners like The Talking Walking Dead to spread the word.

When we do a giveaway we do it right!  This is one of our biggest prizes to date, but don't worry if you miss it. is going to be doing more and more awesome prize packs. Just check our facebook page and you'll never miss one.  Plus if you sign up for our email list, you get one entry into every giveaway!

We thought we fans until we met Iain at The Talking Walking Dead...dude is extreme and awesome in his love for TWD. If you're not already a fan of their Facebook fan page, head over there right now.

October Giveaway - The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Grand prize included:

We loved the activity from you guys. Ultimately though, only one person could win the prize. Matt Anderson of Hartland, WI was the lucky guy this time. Congrats!

I think he was's a few tweets from Matt:



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Adventure Partner Giveaway - Prizes and Info

Pin some of these great graphics to tell your friends about it!

Trade in normal life for one filled with adventure| Extremely-sharp gear|  Quote | Outdoors

wander without a purpose or reason quote 

An adventure is a great way to learn quote 

adventure of a lifetime quote 

good to be lost quote 

let the adventure last till a new sunrise 


Extremely-Sharp has launched the Adventure giveaway!

Did you know that you can be the first to know about all of our giveaways when you join our email list?  You also get a free entry in the giveaway - that means you're automatically entered 1x in ALL our giveaways. Sign up for our email list at: 


Enter the ADVENTURE GIVEAWAY now at: for a chance at this amazing prize pack filled with items to get you outdoors in your next   wild adventure:
ESKnives adventure prize pack

The grand prize winner will receive: 1 Jungle Knife, 1 Jotsu Jo Black Shuriken set, 1 Seat Belt Cutters, 1 Wire Saws and a "Trailblazer" & "Survival" sticker. Teton Sports is giving the grand prize winner an Oasis1200 hydration backpackavailable for this. Offhand gear is giving the grand prize winner a 42" soft scoped rifle case with 2 large outside pockets for ammo and accessories.

The second place winner will receive: 1 Kubaton Knife, 2 Seat Belt Cutters, 1 Wire Saw and a "Trailblazer" & "Survival" sticker.

The third place winner will receive: 1 Kubaton Knife, 1 Wire Saw, 2 Seatbelt Cutters and a "Trailblazer" & "Survival" sticker.

Retail value of all prizes is $409.38!!!

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