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Uncle Si would make a better Batman than Ben Affleck

Ever wonder what Uncle Si would look like as Batman. ere you go
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Beautiful Superhero's- How do you date a superhero?


Take us out of our current reality - at least for an hour or two. Give us a chance to be SUPER, to SAVE the cheerleader, to FIGHT the bad guys, to LAUGH...

And maybe most importantly to check out really amazing knives!

Inglorious Bastards Brad Pitt Knife Picture

The Avengers show us that all kinds of Hero's can team up to save the world!

Avengers Team Work

Uma Thurman taught us to not underestimate the capabilities of a hot woman with a vengeance!  By the way, if you would really like to own a sword like she had- head over to our sword page.

Kill Bill Sword

Speaking of Beautiful Women holding Swords.  I'd be ok with seeing more with that topic:

Well HELLO, Kate Beckensale.

Kate Beckensale Van Helsing Sword

Hey there Little Red! My My that is quite a big knife you have!

MyAnna Buring Witchville

"Make sure they remember you."  Girls like Crossbows.

Katniss Bow Remember you quote


But more than that... they want to feel memorable. 

Of course we know it is the real HERO's who end up with the girl.  Just look out if her powers are greater than yours- right Cyclops?

Cyclops and Phoenix Xmen

If that doesn't scare you- I'm pretty sure that Super Girl is still available....

Super Girl Friend

So, you're saying I have a chance? ... 

Despicable me minion what

You better act fast though, if you want to marry a hot super hero... They are usually taken in a FLASH.

Flash DC Comics


So, How are you going to get her Godfather?  Make her an offer she cant refuse!

Godfather an offer you can't refuse

Don't worry- I've got this "covered."  I am - Iron Can. 

Iron Man I am Iron Can


Spiderman Spiderman - Does whatever Spiderman get the girl in his web.

Spiderman Pose Picture


  If any man can get the girl, it's certainly Thor- what a great movie. Are you a Marvel Fan or do you prefer DC comics?

Thor Dark World Movie Poster

So, at the end of the day= the point is that Beautiful women who know how to kick butt are not easy to catch.  However, it does seem like the good guys get the girl.

Beautiful Superheros

Nicely done Sir.    

Any other tips on how to date a superhero?  What is she looking for? 

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Disney buys Star Wars and plans new films

What are your thoughts about Disney buying Star Wars and planning to do 3 more movies? We want to know how you guys are feeling!

Disney Star Wars

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Throwing Knives and Adventure Shape the Divergent Movie Trilogy

The first of 3 movies in the Divergent trilogy takes the stage in early 2014. The future citizens of Chicago are divided into five factions, each must uphold a particular virtue of humanity. Think Hunger Games and The Maze Runner with much more action and throwing knives.

So this movie is already a front runner for something we know we’ll love more than any other action packed trilogy out there because what could be better than danger seeking AND throwing knives. Nothing, we know. It’s very exciting that the art of throwing knives is getting big screen attention because we think they’ve been underrated for years anyway!

Sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior must take a test and make a choice that determines if she will see her family again. Her choice takes her on an incredible adventure that Frodo would be proud of. What we really like is that Shailene Woodley who plays Beatrice "Tris" Prior spent 6 weeks straight learning to properly throw throwing knives for the movie, and she’s AWESOME at it.

Divergent comes out in early 2014 with plans for Insurgent already planned. We’ll see if Allegiant makes it but from our friends that have read the last book, we’re probably good with just seeing the action from the first two.

Divergent Quote | Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up.

Divergent Quote | Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible.

Divergent Quote | I'm divergent and I can't be controlled.

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Switch Blades Knives VS Spring Assist Knives

The switchblade (aka automatic, spring loaded) knife has been around since the mid 18th century.  By 1890 because of new mass production techniques switchblades became readily available at lower costs. After WWII American soldiers returning home from Europe brought home  switchblades that would become known as the Italian stiletto switchblade. These Italian stilettos used a new style blade, a slender bayonet blade with a single ground dagger edge that had an opposing false edge, designed primarily as an offensive weapon which was optimized for thrusting rather than cutting. Many of these blades had no cutting edge, made only for fighting. Switchblades became very popular.


In the early 1950's switchblades became associated with gangs and violence. Jack Pollack wrote a newspaper article calling switchblades a menace with deadly consequences. He wrote the switchblade was Designed for violence, deadly as a revolver - that’s the switchblade, the toy youngsters all over the country are taking up as a fad.  He urged for new laws that would address these Italian Styled knives.  It became a popular belief that carrying a switchblade and gang warfare were one and the same.

It’s only a short step from carrying a switchblade to gang warfare. By 1954,New York passed the first law banning the sale and distribution of switchblade knives. New York hoped this law would reduce gang violence.

Then came the movies.  Hollywood became fixated with  switchblades. Movies like Rebel Without a CauseWest Side Story and High school delinquents lead to the public becoming aware of switchblades. The common belief that switchblades caused gang violence began to sweep the nation. In 1958 Congress passed the Switchblade Knife Act.

There were two problems with this act. The first problem was that the act did not distinguish between different types of switchblades.  There were many switchblades that were designed for utility use and general purpose use.  Ask any electrician or plumber how handy a switchblade can be when one hand is busy. But the new law banned all switchblades even those not used by criminals.  Stilettos without a spring were legal. Nothing stopped the gangs from carrying legal stilettos. With the flick of the wrist the blade of a legal stiletto snaps out as fast as any spring loaded knife and was legal.  The second issue was that gang members had no problems turning to baseball bats and guns to settle their issues over territory. The switchblade knife act failed. The law was ineffective but the public was able to take a small sigh of relief.

There are a few loopholes to the law.  If you are a civil employee, in the military, a police officer, or a fire fighter you can legally own a switchblade. If you are missing an arm, like myself, you can legally own a switchblade.   As with so many laws the loopholes make no sense. There are recent studies that have been unable to make any connections between crime and automatic knives. We can by Guns but not spring loaded knives.The second amendment does not mention knives. Laws are not always logical, but they are still laws.

However there is good news. While switchblades remain illegal in the U.S., in 2009 the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill focused on spring assisted knives and decided that the 1958 act did not apply to spring-assist, assisted-opening knives,  or knives with springs that require physical force applied to the blade that assist in opening the knife.  Spring assist knives are legal in all 50 states.

Spring Assist Knives

Types of Spring Assist Knives 

What is the difference between a switchblade and a spring assist knife? They have a similar function but their slight differences are important. A switchblade, opens its blade from the handle automatically with the press of a button, a lever, or a switch that is mounted in the knife handle. A spring-assist blade uses a lever or switch that is mounted on the blade or connected to the blade with a direct mechanical linkage. Manual pressure has to be put on this lever.  The pressure overcomes spring pressure designed to keep the blade closed, which in turn causes the blade to partially emerge from the handle. Just Push the blade out around 10% and the spring takes over, rapidly forcing the blade into an open and locked position. When observing both a switch blade and a spring assist knife I defy you to be able to tell which one is faster.

When thinking about purchasing a switchblade you may want to consider purchasing a spring assist knife.  They look and feel just like a switchblade, they function as well as a switchblade and there no legal hassles owning a spring assist knife.

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Nunchakus Come to Hollywood; Nunchucks and Bruce Lee

There are a lot of people out there that believe the Nunchaku was first introduced by Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon" This could not be farther from the truth. While Bruce made the Nunchaku popular, especially here in the west, the Nunchaku originated sometime in the 17th century.

The first mention of the Nunchaku can be found in ancient Chinese history, where two pieces of wood tied together by horse hair by mountain soldiers. 

This strange twirling weapon is said to have originated in the Song Dynasty derived from farming implements primarily used for threshing rice and soy. Later the Nunchaku made its way to Okinawa where many believe was the original source. Since the nunchaku was used for farming it could not be confiscated by the authorities after King Sho Hashi declared a prohibition to carry weapons.

Another belief about the nunchaku's history is that the nunchaku was developed from the Okinawan horse bit or muge. The handles of the bit were curved and later they were changed to the straight handled Nunchaku that we know today.


Okinawan Horse Muge Nunchaku                                       Nunchucks at ESKNIVES

nunchaku wasn't a very popular weapon. There is some evidence for this since there are no traditional nunchaku katas. This weapon is nevertheless effective in self-defense, if the time is taken to become proficient with it. Let the practitioner Beware because this weapon has the tendency to cause many bruises. But due to Bruce Lee and the popularmartial arts movie culture the Nunchaku is one of the most popular martial arts weapon ever devised.

Another tail of the nunchaku's history is that it was once a night-watchman's rattle. And some say that the nunchaku was a Chinese weapon brought to Okinawa by Chinese immigrants. This last version makes sense since The term nunchaku derives from the southern Chinese term no-chiat kun. 


Nunchaku - 1. Himo, 2. Konto, 3. Jokon Bu, 4. Chukon Bu, 5. Kikon Bu, 6. Kontei




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