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A Moment of Silence

A moment of silence please for all those who lost their lives and their families and friends that suffered, just 10 short years ago...................................................

Twin Towers 9/11 Remembrance


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Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus Day
My Italian friends love Columbus day. This day celebrates the great contributions that the Italian people brought to the new world.

My Native American friends do not celebrate Columbus day. For them Columbus day represents the beginning of the end of their culture that was replaced by the White Europeans.

As for me I am somewhat of an armchair historian. As an armchair historian I wanted to take an opportunity to set straight two urban legends about Columbus that are believed to be true but are only myths that have endured through time.

First of all it is widely believed that European society at the time of Columbus thought the world was flat and Columbus proved the world was round. We are taught in history that Columbus wanted to take on this great voyage to prove the world was round. This is a fallacy. By the 1490's people of learning knew that the world was round. Sailors new that they were not going to fall of an imaginary edge. The world had been proven round by several people over the last thousand years before Columbus. This was not in debate. Columbus wanted fame and wealth. That was the bottom line. He was much like the Rock Star of the 1490's.

The second history blunder is Columbus's so called affair with the Spanish Queen. Never happened but it makes a great romantic story. We love the love. The love angle may take off a little of the roughness off the edges. Columbus was a product of his time. He was what he was. He brought riches of never seen before proportions to Spain. Because of Columbus Spain changed and became a world super power. But Columbus bought this wealth at the cost of the Native Tribes. Do a little research and we learn that Columbus was not a nice guy. He was a smart guy. He took a gamble that was a huge risk and it paid off well. His accomplishments are many. He was an amazing guy, but he was not a nice guy.

These are only a couple the myths of Columbus that we accept as fact. There are many more. But I digress....
No matter what your feelings are towards Columbus we all have to agree on the fact that he was a vital figure in history. He opened the way to the New World for all Europeans. This was a tremendous change for all cultures that were involved, whether it be for good or for ill.
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Thank you - Veterans Day 2011

Veterans Day 2011:

In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those that risk their lives today so that we may live in freedom, we thank you for your service, bravery and hard work. Freedom isn’t free.

Veterans Day


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Merry Christmas 2011

To all who Celebrate the Season...... Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday from ES Knives. I know I plan to. The hard work is over and now it's time to enjoy the blessings of the season. Spending the Holiday with family and my Granddaughter's first Christmas.

Guntersville Lure

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Super Bowl Party in Afghanistan

Troops Super Bowl Party

Supporting Our Troops
Saturday, March 17, 2012
10:41 AM

Super Bowl Party in Afghanistan

We at Extremely-Sharp were happy to help a few of our troops celebrate the Super Bowl. No matter what our political beliefs may be I think it is important for all of us to join together and support our troops that put their lives on the line every day to defend our Constitution so we here can live with the Freedoms that we enjoy. I'd tip my hat but hey….. I only got the one arm. After all, my left hand is not my hat tipping hand.

When Platoon Sergeant from TASMG TF 12 DET 4 Harold Compton asked me for help with their Super Bowl Party over in Afghanistan I was more than happy to help out. We sent several Smith and Wesson knives out to Sergeant Compton to help out with the cause.

There are some things that are more important than business and the bottom line. Supporting our troops through it all is one of those things. My Son-In-Law is over there. His wife and daughter are here. We all worry about his well being every day. We all sacrifice through these tough times. I thank all the men and women serving our great country. I am grateful we were able to help play a small part in making an intolerable situation a little better.

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8 gifts for Hunters

Gifts for Hunters

What are the top gifts for Hunters?  We put together a great list for you to make shopping easy. It can be hard to shop for people and know what they would like. This list can be used for general

1. Hunting knife

Gerber Metolius guthook knife

We love knives. A Hunter considers a quality knife as an ESSENTIAL. Most keep several various ones close by, but a new quality hunting knife is a great gift for any hunter.

We recommend this Gerber Knife if you don't know which to pick.  However, ESknives has a large selection of Hunting knives if you want to find the perfect one.

A fixed guthook knife from Gerber's Metolius line. Black glass filled nylon handles with black sure grip rubber overmold. The handle gives a good solid grip which you kNow is essential when you are using the guthook.

2. Camo

Every hunter needs camouflage. We don't sell any. But it's up on our list because hunters want it. Feel free to make recommendations for good places in the comments if you have a great source.

3. Crossbows

Crossbow Turkey Hunting

Crossbows often have add on features that you can purchase. If you know a hunter who has a bow, try to find out what they have and grab some extras for them to use.  Or if they have a basic crossbow you can get them one that will allow some new features for them to try.

4. Multi tool

SOG multi tool

The uses are endless for a good multi tool. A week after you receive your first one you wonder how you ever lived without it.

The one here that we recommend as a gift is from SOG and has some awesome features. SOG lightweight design ensures a comfortable, safe, easy use multi tool. Driven by an exclusive interlocking gear system, SOG's patented compound leverage technology is a legend in folding tools. The S62-N features removable, pivoting handle covers that improve hand comfort and allow for additional pressure on tough jobs.

You'll feel proud to give such a nice gift.

5. Gerber Knife Set  

Gerber Knife Set

ESknives has several packages ready to ship to you. Check out our Gerber package.

Includes the Gerber Freehand Multi-ToolThe Gerber Metolius Guthook and  the Gerber Metolius Caper.

The Gerber Metolius Caper features full tang construction with a Razor Sharp 3.5" High carbon Surgical Stainless Steel Blade. The nylon handle that fits comfortably and securely in your hands thanks to a soft but grippy overmold.

The Gerber Freehand multi-tool components include: Needle Nose Pliers, fine edge blade, serrated blunt nose blade, V-cut wire cutters, Fiskars scissors, cross point screwdriver, small flat blade screwdriver, medium flat blade screwdriver, industrial driver, bottle opener, can opener, ruler, laynard ring.  Comes with a Molle Compatible Sheath. Tool is made in the USA.

6. Backpack to easily keep supplies in for the Hunt

All that gear needs to go somewhere. This backpack fits in well with camo gear to not give you away.  The many compartments will hold your knives, snacks, water, Compass, extra layers, fire starter, multi tools, and all that other gear that comes in handy on a hunt.

7. Spotting Scope

You can rely on a spotter to provide you the most bright, crisp, clear images combined with High Definition color contrast at powers higher than most binoculars can provide. Our spotting scope from Barska is waterproof and fog proof. The variable zoom magnifications allow you to lock on to your subject then zoom in for greater detail.

No matter what you are hunting, a spotter is a great item to add to your gear.    

8. Skinning knives

After a kill, you need to skin the animal. A good non slip handle is essential when choosing a knife for the job. This set of 3 from Turkey Creek includes 6-1/2" overall small hunter with 3" blade, 9" overall guthook hunter with 4" guthook blade, and 11" overall cleaver with 6" blade. Knives feature matte finish 440 stainless steel (3.1mm thick) bead blasted grey blade.  

What would you add to our list?

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Gift Ideas for Duck Dynasty Fans

Duck Dynasty Theme Shot
Duck Dynasty is one of the most popular shows on television. This all american family shows us what it can be like to enjoy life together as a family unit.  The ups and the downs, the fun of getting outdoors together and challenges of family relationships in business.

This family has great faith that helps them navigate through the challenges of business and family.  We love watching their quirky ways, and the crazy quotes from Uncle Si.  I think we also like to see how they rely on one another and teach real values. It's nice to have a show that I can put on and not feel stressed about what is going to happen or if my little one happened to hear what was said. It's also nice to see women who are traditional, yet strong family leaders at the same time.

If you have someone in your life who loves this show as much as we do, you may want to get them a classic Duck Dynasty gift.  Since you can't grow them a beard - one of these presents will do:

Hunting Knives:


Fillet knives to Fillet those ducks:

Throwing knives: A hobby for men Guide for how to throw knives:

Duck Dynasty Items from Amazon: we suggest you wrap it in camo.

Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Board Game

Duck Dynasty: Season 1

Duck Dynasty: Season Two, Vol. 1

Duck Dynasty: Season 3

Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle

Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander

Duck Commander DC-16PCB Uncli Si's (1 pack)

Duck Commander Braided Bracelet Green Camo

A gift for a Duck Dynasty fan can be as simple as a nice blow gun and Uncle Si's tupperware cup. I got my husband one of the blowguns and he has been shooting slug darts through it, trying to hit a possum up in a tree.  Luckily for the possum he still needs a little practice.
Father Robertson Pain Duck Dynasty Quote   
Robertson Family Duck dynasty swamp picture
Duck Dynasty Season 1 DVD 
redneck logic just blow it up  
Duck Dynasty Family Picture
Jase quote best to do it quickly 
 Jase quote high school reunions  Duck Dynasty Beard Quote
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Gifts for Hunters This Year

It seems like that Hunter has everything and will be difficult to buy for this year. ESknives has you covered.

We've put together a list of items the hunter (or huntress) would kill to have.

Start out with an awesome hunting knives.

One good knife we suggest is the Bone Cutter:

Bone cutter Mule Skinner knife

Everyone needs a pocket knife and a hunter probably uses theirs daily hourly. It's always nice to have a new pocket knife. Extremely-Sharp has a good selection to choose from.

pocket knives cut wood  Gerver Fast ESKnives

A good fillet knife would also be good for any fisherman or hunter.  Even if they don't do a lot now, they may want to start. ESknives has plenty to choose from, but you may want to select one that comes with a sharpener or add a sharpener to the gift.

Bill dance folding fillet knife

Turkey hunters use fowl language, but you may want to give them a gift this year anyway - many of them like crossbows and would love to try a new one.  Don't worry about them "shooting their eye out" it's part of the fun.  Most bowhunters have long shafts, but don't give them the shaft this Christmas.

Extremely-sharp also has blowguns in case you want to give them something new to try.

Binoculars can be a great item to take on the hunt, to a football game or just to see well on a hike.

If you want to give some basic survival gear such as fire starters, can openers, or a great canvas pack to carry much needed outdoor items in- extremely-sharp has you covered.

"Vegetarian" is an old indian word for "bad hunter." 


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Honoring Your Service - Thank You Veterans

Extremely-Sharp has great respect for those who have served our nation.  We honor your service. We thank you for the freedom we enjoy. You are in our thoughts, our hearts and we pray for each of you and honor the sacrifices you've made. 

Bless you for being willing to serve this great nation and fight for freedom. 

This powerful photo of a widow laying on the ground in this cemetery, is a great reminder that freedom is not free.

Wife Honoring Veterans Day

What an amazing photo of military under our nations flag!

Honoring Veterans Day Flag

Generations come together in thanking and honoring our military for their service. She is proud to be an American and showing her thanks.

Honoring Veterans Day Parade

Veterans day - shadow of soldiers who serve our nation with pride. Honoring Veterans today, and everyday.

Veterans Day Honoring All Who Served

Honoring all who served.

Honoring Veterans Day Flag in Wind

Red white and blue. Wearing your uniform with pride.  Thank you Sailor. We salute you.

Honoring Veterans Day Sailor

Need a Facebook cover or picture for a tweet to show your thanks to Veterans?

Honoring Veterans Day All Who Served

Honoring Veterans Day with Baby Girl

Freedom is not Free. We pray for those who serve, but also for their families.

Honoring Veterans Day Remembering All Who Served

Historic black and white photo. This fills me with pride and patriotism for America the Beautiful!

Honoring Veterans Day Flag Lift

What does this historic photo of the flag being raised make you feel? 

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Happy Halloween - Frozen Drinking Game

Halloween Outdoors Drinking Game 

A few fun ideas for you this cool October 31st...

We've got an awesome drinking game idea for you to start with.  Every child in America is obsessed with the Frozen movie. Parents have the lyrics running through their head at every waking moment of the day.  You can bet that this Halloween, there will be a large number of ice cold princesses at your door. Our thought? Make a game of it!

Halloween Drinking Game Elsa 

Have each person pick a costume that they will have to take a drink if a kid comes to the house / apartment dressed from that movie.

Make sure that you put a light on and a carved pumpkin on the front porch so that kids know that you welcome kids. And for heavens sake - don't pass out crap candy or apples or any of that insanity. That is a sure way to get your house TRICKED next year.

Have fun with your trick or treaters this year!  Just make sure the little ones are gone before you are too far gone!
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