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Classic Americana War Posters

I like classic Americana war posters.  It is nice to remember back on America's past and take some time to appreciate the many lives that have been laid down for the freedom of this nation. I hope this Memorial Day, many American's will take time to appreciate the cost of our freedom. Take a moment and think of what you can do to Honor America or a soldier today. Here are a few favorite classic war posters:

War Bonds Classic American War Posters
"You buy 'em - We'll Fly 'em" | War bonds poster

Classic American War Poster Can of Bacon

Meat for war poster. Can of bacon is a small thing in a world at war.

US soldier mocks Hitler for the camera
US soldier mocks Hitler for the camera | World War II

Classic American War Posters Keep 'em smiling
VFW campaigns to write soldiers "Keep 'em Smiling" 

Honoring America by encouraging our troops

Classic American War Poster We'll give 'em hell
"You give us the FIRE - We'll give 'em Hell!" War poster from WWII | bonds poster

WWI soldier flag respect grave classic americana war posters
WWI photo of a soldier burial. This photo always gets me.

British WWII classic americana war posters
British War poster from WWII - such patriotism that it stirs up in people having this kind of ad published.

classic americana war posters liberty
"American's will always fight for Liberty" |With Liberty and Justice for all... right?

classic americana war posters women faithful
The women left behind who loyally awaited their soldier to return home.

Victory classic americana war posters
"Get your Hoe Ready" Daylight savings started - poster

classic americana war posters 01
We beat the Nazi's before | Rally up patriotism with a poster

classic americana war posters July 4
Uncle Sam's Birthday 1776 | USA | Check out Uncle Sam's outfit!

The sailor and nurse from D day kiss picture
The sailor and nurse from D-day kiss - today.

Enjoying these classic posters is my favorite way to celebrate the freedoms of our country and honor all of the amazing veterans who fought to keep these freedoms mine. There are so many other ways to honor the brave soldiers who have fought, are fighting, and will fight for our great nation! This pastime is a tradition I have appreciated for many years.

Do you have favorite traditions for Memorial Day?  Share some traditions in the comments or just a favorite memory from a Memorial Day.
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Mothers Day - Moms are Tough

Incredibly thankful for mom's. Your selfless daily acts make us stand in awe of your character, your service and the amazing example of the way you live.  We want to honor mothers today.

When we say Mothers, we also mean those women who mentor children... we mean the sisters and aunts who step in and care for children when it is necessary, and we mean the example of countless others who serve, guide, care for and love. It can take a village and there are many in our lives that have mothered us - today we remember and honor all of you.

Soldier mother reunited with her daughter at airport
Soldier reunited with her daughter at airport. Returning home. Motherhood moment.

Soldier sees his daughter for the first time
Soldier sees his daughter for the first time - as she is delivered (seeing via ipad)

Moms ears are amazing ecard
Mom's ears are amazing, you must admit it. 

Then there is the classic tattoo image we think of as the "mom tattoo". You know the one... it is the chubby red heart with Mom splayed across it on a ribboned scroll.  The tattoo caught on among servicemen during and after World War II. Many of these soldiers were so young when they were shipped off that a mother's love was more tangible than a girlfriend's. The "mom" tattoo image can sometimes symbolize not just affection, but also a love of country. There is a strong connection between motherhood and country. 

Classic MOM heart tattoo
The classic heart tattoo for Mom. Begun in WWII
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