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How to survive any animal encounter

How to survive any animal encounter, including bears, lions and aliens...Oh my! Click for infographic.
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Pinterest Fun

These are some of the best things we've seen on pinterest. Even if you're not on it, check them out.
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Self Defense - Less Lethal Weapons

Need some protection, but don't want anything lethal around? Smart move, often a letha weapon escalates a situation and if you are not experienced in the weapon you have it can be a... well, deadly situation. has you covered for options that you may feel better about. Check out our mace and pepper spray. You'll love our family owned website. 

Less Lethal Vs. Lethal Weapons: Inconsistencies in Self Defense Laws

What is the best place to purchase pepper spray or mace locally? 

What are the US restrictions for pepper spray and how does it work? Infographic about how they work including: Scoville Heat units, Jalapeno peppers are 8,000 Habanero are 350,000 SHUS, STREAM, Mist, Fog to stop the attacker. Coughing, eye swelling, and burning occur. Where do you have to register Pepper spray? What are the restrictions? Is it a chemical spray, how many ounces per can are allowed? 

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Tips on Self Defense with Stun Guns

Self Defense Stun Gun

Self defense is an issue for each and every one of us. We want to have the freedom to go where we want and when we want. We want to feel safe. Second Amendment rights are a hot topic issue in our country. Statistics tell us that most women who carry a handgun are killed with their own handgun when attacked. Not everyone wants or needs to carry a firearm. Most of us want to protect ourselves and our families but many people would have a hard time using a handgun but we still want to feel safe and protect ourselves if needed.

We have many self defense items from blades, batons, kubatons, knuckle belt buckles and stun guns. Stun Guns for defense have become very popular in the last few years. They have become the self defense weapon of choice for many women. On the plus side you will rarely get charged with a crime using a stun gun.

The only self defense tool that sells better than stun guns is pepper gas. I think the fact that this may be because pepper gas tends to be less expensive than a stun gun. But don't be fooled. Stun guns are very effective self defense tools.

Stun guns are small and easily concealed. And are less intimidating by openly carrying a weapon. Stun Guns are easy to use. They require no special training. All you need to do is turn the safety off and press the trigger switch which then shoots a jolt of high voltage electricity to the attacker.

Stun guns are safe. Much safer than firearms. Stun guns are much more humane than firearms. Stun guns come with high voltage and low wattage. It is high wattage that kills people. The high voltage of a stun gun incapacitate your assailant without killing or permanent harm. There are no long lasting effects. After a few minutes they attacker will return to normal.

You can't hurt yourself using a stun gun. There are built in safeties to prevent shocking yourself when using a stun gun on your attacker.

Volts and Watts. The more volts the more powerful the stun gun. Volts are scaled to price. Starting at 100,000 volts. A 100,000 volts gun will incapacitate most people. A gun with 4 million volts will stop the worst of attackers dead in their tracks.

There are several types of stun guns. There are the standard hand devices. These are usually rectangular in shape and fit in your hand. You can carry these devices easily in your hand without intimidating others. Stun Batons are usually circular and longer giving you a longer reach but they are much harder to conceal. Many stung guns come also with flashlights. Then there are look alike stung guns. These are stung guns that look like other devices, like a cell phone, lipstick or a cane but are actually stun guns. These types are the easiest to conceal.

Most stun guns fit easily in your purse or pocket. Most stun guns come with a pouch that will have a loop or clip and can be carried on your side.

If you are attacked the best defense places to use your stun gun on are the neck, shoulders, abdomen, or groin. A half second to one second application causes pain. One or two seconds of the stun gun causes muscle spasms and confusion. Three to five second blasts causes the loss of balance and muscle control, disorientation and confusion. You can not get shocked by the stun gun even if your assailant is touching you. The gun will go easily through 1/2" of clothing.

Stun guns are easy to take care of. Keep them clean with a cloth. Most people like to turn on their stun guns and press the trigger to hear them make a loud electrical popping sound. This is a no no. Don't randomly pop the stun gun. They sound cool and to may impress you friend but ultimately this causes damage to your stun gun. Stun Guns were meant to complete a circuit when used on an attacker. Randomly popping your stun gun will eventually break the gun beyond repair.

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Monkey Fist Knot: The New Self Defense

Monkey Fist Knot Self Defense

A Monkey Fist knot is so named because it looks like a small bunched fist or paw. The monkey fist knot originally began as a frequently used Merchant Marine term. Sailors of the 1800's began using monkey fists (a knot tide around a small weight) as a method to grab ropes from boat to boat, person to person. The weight on the line made the passing of lines from a ship to shore or from one ship to another ship easier and faster.

These first knots, also known as sailor knots, began as a bolt, maybe a rock, or something that had weight. It would be placed inside the monkey fist knot. The knot would be tightened and attached to the rope. Then it would be thrown to a sailor on the shore or on another ship. Many times this lighter rope would be replaced with a heaver rope. This process saved time. Throwing a heavy rope was much harder than throwing the lighter weighted line.

The Monkey fist began to be used as a hand-to-hand weapon, when the sailors were on shore. Also called a slungshot they were commonly used as melee weapons by sailors embroiled in street and tavern fights. The use of the monkey's fist as a slungshot became common in the street gang subcultures of the 19th century.

Monkey Fist Knot Most monkey fists double as key chains that serve a twofold purpose. Drop your keys in a purse or backpack and leave the knot dangling over the side making easy access to your keys. Never lose your keys again. Their second purpose, and perhaps most important purpose, is for self defense. Learning to use a monkey fist for protection can be very effective. The Monkey fist has made a comeback in the last few years. It has worked it's way into everyday life. We have easy access to para cord and this has given new life to the monkey fist. Type "Monkey Fist" into a search engine and you get a whole lot of how to make a monkey fist. Monkey fist fans are making them everywhere. Monkey fists are one of the top items to make out of para cord.

Our Monkey Fist features Military grade 550 lb test, 7 strand, Commercial & Mil-Spec. Parachute cord (autumn camo) with a 25 mm (1 in.) steel ball bearing. Our Monkey Fist is strong with a split ring/key chain end and bead. Our Monkey Fist will beautifully compliment the finest gear in your collection! 9-1/2" long.

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Zap Blast Knuckles

While being aware of your surroundings and making planning around potentially dangerous situations is the best self defense, sometimes people are attacked despite their best efforts. Two effective ways for self defense. 1) You carry something in your hand like a push dagger, knuckles or even a key or an occasional roll of quarters. 2) You can also carry a stun gun which is effective and leaves your assailant incapacitated.

The ZAP Blast Knuckles Stun Gun gives you the best of both worlds. Criminals won't know what hit them with the power of this stun gun. The Blaster Knuckles have a unique patented design giving you full control of its awesome power. Curl your fist around 950,000 volts of "shock therapy" and protect yourself from any assailant along with a punch to the side of the head. It delivers quite a powerful flow of electricity right out of your own Fist. A new warrior has been born.

Live saver knuckle blasterJust the sound and sight of the knuckle's spark will most likely scare off any trespassers without needing to be used. Almost a million volts running through an assailant will definitely change the mind of any attacker as soon as the volts start going through their bodies. You will knock any assailant down for the count with a 950,000-volt punch from a pair of Blast Knuckles. It will lay them flat. Blast Knuckles proves to be one of the most powerful stun guns on the market, bringing a whole new meaning to “getting a grip.”

The Knuckle Blaster also works like a champ on those bloodthirsty dogs that run loose in some areas. those that live in the “country” know this can be a problem. They are really comfortable to run with and are perfect for runners. You can hold it while jogging and retaliate instantly during an attack. This stun Gun is sure to become a hit amongst joggers, easy to carry and very effective when getting chased by dogs. We’ve also heard from a number of service workers that they can be great protection for house calls when animals are involved.

zap blast knuckles stun gun

The Knuckle Blaster has a sports trigger and safety switches and "ready for use" LED indicator to prevent accidental discharges. Another safety feature is the stun terminals face away from your knuckles, so it would be exceedingly hard, if not impossible, to accidentally stun yourself even if someone knocked you down. ZAP Blast Knuckles include two lithium batteries along with a nylon belt sheath that has a metal belt clip to keep your stun gun easy accessible when you need it.

Safety: You need to be smart when handling the Blaster Knuckles. Remember you have to be careful because you can really hurt someone. They are designed for self defense situations only. To purchase a stun gun you have to be of legal age. The Knuckle Blaster may be illegal in some states. Be sure to check all your state and local laws before making a stun gun purchase.

Zap Blast Knuckles Stun Gun Self DefenseHow to carry: The Knuckle Blaster is concealable and looks almost like a cell phone when clipped to your hip. In some areas a conceal permit may be required to carry The Blast Knuckles. Carry the Knuckle Blaster in your purse but be sure to keep the holster opened with one hand on your gun in case you need it quickly.


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Manriki chain: Little Known Weapon for Self Defense

Manriki chain Little Known Weapon Self Defense
Manriki Chains or Kusari-Fundo chains are hand held weapons consisting of a short chain with a weight connected to each end of the chain. The chain is known as the Kusari and the Fundo is the weight. There are no set designs for these chains so they come in various shapes and sizes. Manriki chains are a flexible, close range weapon that can be used to strike, snare, throw, entangle an assailant, or disable an opponents' weapon.

The names of Manriki chains have almost as many variations as the chains themselves. Known as Manriki gusari (meaning ten thousand power chain), Surujin, Suruchin Jiujiebian, Qijiebian and Sanjiebian are just a few.
Manriki chain Weapon Self Defense
There is a Japanese, Shaolin weapon, chain whip which is a cousin to the Manriki. These chain whips are around 3 feet long with a metal handle on one end and a 4" spike on the other end. The chain itself consists of several metal rods, which are joined end-to-end by metal rings that forms a flexible chain. The are usually used for slashing or piercing an opponent. Sometimes cloth flags may be attached near the dart end of the whip and a second flag may cover the whip's handle. These flags add visual appeal and produce a rushing sound as the whip swings through the air and help stabilize the whip.
Chain Whip
Chain Whip

It is said that a samurai named Masaki Toshimitsu Dannoshin was the head sentry at Edo castle and he fashioned the manrki in the early 1700's as a way to kill an opponent without bloodshed. Bloodless killing was important on the palace grounds because spilling blood was considered sacrilege on sacred land. The weapon was adopted by the palace guard to apprehend criminals without wounding them.
19th century Manriki Gusari Chain
19th century Manriki Gusari Chain
Another story is that Masaki Toshimitsu Dannoshin was a guard at a Buddhist temple gate in Edo in the 1600's. Like the palace story, he created the manriki so he could do his job and not break the Buddhist prohibition against spilling blood. It is said he developed the techniques for the manrikis' use and founded the Masaki Ryu tradition that bears his name. Was Masaki a palace guard or temple guard, nobody really knows.
Kusari-Fundo chains
The Maniki was developed as a psychological self-defense weapon. Imagine throwing a punch at someone, and then all of a sudden your wrists are wrapped up with a chain, and you're being thrown without the benefit of using your hands to break your fall. The chain can also be a wicked offensive weapon. It is small and can be easily concealed in the palm of the hand. It can then be swung around and used as a whip to hit, hook and bind an opponent, restrict their movement, and to deflect blows from other weapons. Sometimes the Manriki will be used to entangle and sweep the opponent's legs.

The weighted end can cause a great deal of damage. The cylinders can be used as kubatons. With the manriki possessing the two qualities of adding to a martial artist's reach and being very concealable, it can be a devastating weapon in the right hands.
Manrki chain self defense
Training in martial arts can be extremely dangerous. Treating the chain like a nunchaku is very dangerous. When training with the Manrki always train with a certified instructor. Start your training using a cord with a knot or a tennis ball on the end.
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Carrying a Knife Could Save Your Life

Firearms concealed carry or open carry, where it is allowed, has become more common for people to have a way to defend themselves in today’s world. This option is fine when you have it, but there are times when that is not possible but carrying a blade is. Let’s be honest many places we go the problems for legal carry might not be worth having your favorite pistol on your hip yet those same places will never question a knife.

Daily needs wallet, keys, and knife.Prices along with styles of good carry blades varies widely. Some folks have plenty to spend on high end blades but I have found over many years and many different brands this is not necessary to have something that will hold up. Some of my carry knives I bought for very little when I found a good sale others cost quite a bit because it was one I wanted and had extra to spend at the time. Like everything you do get what you pay for so if you buy a less expensive piece check it out first to be sure it will last. There are many reasons why someone might not carry a firearm, I can think of just as many why they could carry a knife. Having said that just sticking a random knife in your pocket is a good way to get hurt if you ever need it. Just as with firearms you need to know your weapon and how to use it. This takes training along with finding a blade that works for you.

Personally, I carry some form of folder preferably without a serrated edge. I have several I carry depending on whether they will be used for work that day or if it is just a carry weapon but I know how each works along with its limitations. One of the main things you need to understand using a knife in a defensive situation, it is not like a movie, people don’t automatically fall over if they are cut. You need to learn to cut key locations then get away from the threat not hang around to see if his buddy shows up. Don’t be a hero if you can clear the area without using your blade do it but if you are forced do not hesitate a second unless your plan is to become a statistic. 

Carry knife ESknivesAfter picking a style that works for you spend time getting used to how it works, how it feels in your hand and how it moves when needed. If you pick a folder spend time learning to open it without thinking about it that, fraction of a second when it fails to open from lack of practice can mean a lot. If you pick a fixed blade decide how you will carry it and where then learn to get it into a ready position as quickly as you can. As with a handgun every step in the process is important and muscle memory plays a huge part. Practice, there is no substitute.

Unlearning what you have seen on TV and movies is next. Body shots with a knife are not what you should be thinking. Cuts to disable your opponent’s weapons, remove mobility and deprive them of the means to continue an attack are what is needed. I teach three main areas to concentrate on when faced with this situation. The inside of the arms especially the lower arm (flexor muscles), the thigh above the knee and below a man’s pocket and the back of the upper arm (triceps). The first and last areas disable the arm and hand while the second puts the attacker on the ground if things go right preventing movement.

Remember one thing, this is not pretty, someone maybe you, will get cut. There is a lot of blood, a lot of adrenaline flowing and not a small amount of panic. Unlike the majority of defense involving a gun this is face to face as close as it gets.

Good knives to carry ESknivesYou never know...carrying a knife could save your life.The use of any weapon is a last resort; most people including me never want to be put in a position of no choice. There are consequences to their use not the least of which will probably be dealing with law enforcement and the mental aspect after the confrontation. Having said that I will fall back on the old saying “I would rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.” If someone seeks to do me harm then they had better be prepared for what they find chances are they won’t like it and I hope it is the same for you. Be prepared and aware so you and yours’ can stay safe.

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How to Use the Butt of a Knife

When looking at knives most people concentrate on the blade.  There are many blades, many jobs.  Picking the right blade can take some time and research. 

When buying a knife you might want to look at the other end.  In a survival situation the handle and the butt can be as important as the blade. Having a solid metal butt or a full tang extension is the way to go. The primary reason you want a solid metal butt or a tang extension beyond the end of the handle material is so you can hammer on the end of the knife.   A metal butt gives you the ability to drive your knife into something without damaging the handle.  This works great when working with larger pieces of wood and turning them into smaller pieces of wood, know as batoning. You can use your knife to split wood.  Stick your knife in your log and hit the end with something like another log or a rock and now you have split the wood.

A hammer is a vital survival tool.  A solid flat or extended pommel  can also be used as an improvised hammer. When you are in a survival situation or in the woods a hammer comes in handy. The pommel is easier to use than a rock or a piece of wood.   If you are camping and setting up a tent the pommel works great pounding in those stakes.

How to Uzse the Butt of a Knife

When looking at handles you want to have a  full or half cross hilt.   A good hilt will prevent accidental cuts if your hand slips.  You don't want a serious cut when medical attention is unavailable. A  half guard gives better control of the blade when precision is called for.  Some knives have a small portion of the top back end of the blade notched with grooves or ridges that creates a non-slip spot to put your thumb or a finger on when needed for those types of jobs.

Looking at a handle with a lanyard hole is  important.  A lanyard prevents the loss of your knife. You don't want to accidentally lose the most valuable survival tool you have.   When using your knife always use a wrist lanyard especially, when working over water or long drops. You'll want a  cinch on your strap to tighten it to the wrist.  A simple loop can simply slip off your wrist.

If you can try out the handle before you buy. You want the handle to be comfortable in any position.  The best handles provide a firm grip.  When the handle is wet you want it to be slip-resistant.   Be wary of handles that are too grippy or made from aggressive materials because they can cause hot spots and blisters when heavily used.  This is why skeletonized handles are usually wrapped with parachute cord.

When buying a knife the blade is not the only thing to consider. Spend some time on the handle. You will be happy you did.

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