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While being aware of your surroundings and making planning around potentially dangerous situations is the best self defense, sometimes people are attacked despite their best efforts. Two effective ways for self defense. 1) You carry something in your hand like a push dagger, knuckles or even a key or an occasional roll of quarters. 2) You can also carry a stun gun which is effective and leaves your assailant incapacitated.

The ZAP Blast Knuckles Stun Gun gives you the best of both worlds. Criminals won't know what hit them with the power of this stun gun. The Blaster Knuckles have a unique patented design giving you full control of its awesome power. Curl your fist around 950,000 volts of "shock therapy" and protect yourself from any assailant along with a punch to the side of the head. It delivers quite a powerful flow of electricity right out of your own Fist. A new warrior has been born.

Live saver knuckle blasterJust the sound and sight of the knuckle's spark will most likely scare off any trespassers without needing to be used. Almost a million volts running through an assailant will definitely change the mind of any attacker as soon as the volts start going through their bodies. You will knock any assailant down for the count with a 950,000-volt punch from a pair of Blast Knuckles. It will lay them flat. Blast Knuckles proves to be one of the most powerful stun guns on the market, bringing a whole new meaning to “getting a grip.”

The Knuckle Blaster also works like a champ on those bloodthirsty dogs that run loose in some areas. those that live in the “country” know this can be a problem. They are really comfortable to run with and are perfect for runners. You can hold it while jogging and retaliate instantly during an attack. This stun Gun is sure to become a hit amongst joggers, easy to carry and very effective when getting chased by dogs. We’ve also heard from a number of service workers that they can be great protection for house calls when animals are involved.

zap blast knuckles stun gun

The Knuckle Blaster has a sports trigger and safety switches and "ready for use" LED indicator to prevent accidental discharges. Another safety feature is the stun terminals face away from your knuckles, so it would be exceedingly hard, if not impossible, to accidentally stun yourself even if someone knocked you down. ZAP Blast Knuckles include two lithium batteries along with a nylon belt sheath that has a metal belt clip to keep your stun gun easy accessible when you need it.

Safety: You need to be smart when handling the Blaster Knuckles. Remember you have to be careful because you can really hurt someone. They are designed for self defense situations only. To purchase a stun gun you have to be of legal age. The Knuckle Blaster may be illegal in some states. Be sure to check all your state and local laws before making a stun gun purchase.

Zap Blast Knuckles Stun Gun Self DefenseHow to carry: The Knuckle Blaster is concealable and looks almost like a cell phone when clipped to your hip. In some areas a conceal permit may be required to carry The Blast Knuckles. Carry the Knuckle Blaster in your purse but be sure to keep the holster opened with one hand on your gun in case you need it quickly.


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