Carrying a Knife Could Save Your Life

Firearms concealed carry or open carry, where it is allowed, has become more common for people to have a way to defend themselves in today’s world. This option is fine when you have it, but there are times when that is not possible but carrying a blade is. Let’s be honest many places we go the problems for legal carry might not be worth having your favorite pistol on your hip yet those same places will never question a knife.

Daily needs wallet, keys, and knife.Prices along with styles of good carry blades varies widely. Some folks have plenty to spend on high end blades but I have found over many years and many different brands this is not necessary to have something that will hold up. Some of my carry knives I bought for very little when I found a good sale others cost quite a bit because it was one I wanted and had extra to spend at the time. Like everything you do get what you pay for so if you buy a less expensive piece check it out first to be sure it will last. There are many reasons why someone might not carry a firearm, I can think of just as many why they could carry a knife. Having said that just sticking a random knife in your pocket is a good way to get hurt if you ever need it. Just as with firearms you need to know your weapon and how to use it. This takes training along with finding a blade that works for you.

Personally, I carry some form of folder preferably without a serrated edge. I have several I carry depending on whether they will be used for work that day or if it is just a carry weapon but I know how each works along with its limitations. One of the main things you need to understand using a knife in a defensive situation, it is not like a movie, people don’t automatically fall over if they are cut. You need to learn to cut key locations then get away from the threat not hang around to see if his buddy shows up. Don’t be a hero if you can clear the area without using your blade do it but if you are forced do not hesitate a second unless your plan is to become a statistic. 

Carry knife ESknivesAfter picking a style that works for you spend time getting used to how it works, how it feels in your hand and how it moves when needed. If you pick a folder spend time learning to open it without thinking about it that, fraction of a second when it fails to open from lack of practice can mean a lot. If you pick a fixed blade decide how you will carry it and where then learn to get it into a ready position as quickly as you can. As with a handgun every step in the process is important and muscle memory plays a huge part. Practice, there is no substitute.

Unlearning what you have seen on TV and movies is next. Body shots with a knife are not what you should be thinking. Cuts to disable your opponent’s weapons, remove mobility and deprive them of the means to continue an attack are what is needed. I teach three main areas to concentrate on when faced with this situation. The inside of the arms especially the lower arm (flexor muscles), the thigh above the knee and below a man’s pocket and the back of the upper arm (triceps). The first and last areas disable the arm and hand while the second puts the attacker on the ground if things go right preventing movement.

Remember one thing, this is not pretty, someone maybe you, will get cut. There is a lot of blood, a lot of adrenaline flowing and not a small amount of panic. Unlike the majority of defense involving a gun this is face to face as close as it gets.

Good knives to carry ESknivesYou never know...carrying a knife could save your life.The use of any weapon is a last resort; most people including me never want to be put in a position of no choice. There are consequences to their use not the least of which will probably be dealing with law enforcement and the mental aspect after the confrontation. Having said that I will fall back on the old saying “I would rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.” If someone seeks to do me harm then they had better be prepared for what they find chances are they won’t like it and I hope it is the same for you. Be prepared and aware so you and yours’ can stay safe.

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