Tips on Self Defense with Stun Guns

Self Defense Stun Gun

Self defense is an issue for each and every one of us. We want to have the freedom to go where we want and when we want. We want to feel safe. Second Amendment rights are a hot topic issue in our country. Statistics tell us that most women who carry a handgun are killed with their own handgun when attacked. Not everyone wants or needs to carry a firearm. Most of us want to protect ourselves and our families but many people would have a hard time using a handgun but we still want to feel safe and protect ourselves if needed.

We have many self defense items from blades, batons, kubatons, knuckle belt buckles and stun guns. Stun Guns for defense have become very popular in the last few years. They have become the self defense weapon of choice for many women. On the plus side you will rarely get charged with a crime using a stun gun.

The only self defense tool that sells better than stun guns is pepper gas. I think the fact that this may be because pepper gas tends to be less expensive than a stun gun. But don't be fooled. Stun guns are very effective self defense tools.

Stun guns are small and easily concealed. And are less intimidating by openly carrying a weapon. Stun Guns are easy to use. They require no special training. All you need to do is turn the safety off and press the trigger switch which then shoots a jolt of high voltage electricity to the attacker.

Stun guns are safe. Much safer than firearms. Stun guns are much more humane than firearms. Stun guns come with high voltage and low wattage. It is high wattage that kills people. The high voltage of a stun gun incapacitate your assailant without killing or permanent harm. There are no long lasting effects. After a few minutes they attacker will return to normal.

You can't hurt yourself using a stun gun. There are built in safeties to prevent shocking yourself when using a stun gun on your attacker.

Volts and Watts. The more volts the more powerful the stun gun. Volts are scaled to price. Starting at 100,000 volts. A 100,000 volts gun will incapacitate most people. A gun with 4 million volts will stop the worst of attackers dead in their tracks.

There are several types of stun guns. There are the standard hand devices. These are usually rectangular in shape and fit in your hand. You can carry these devices easily in your hand without intimidating others. Stun Batons are usually circular and longer giving you a longer reach but they are much harder to conceal. Many stung guns come also with flashlights. Then there are look alike stung guns. These are stung guns that look like other devices, like a cell phone, lipstick or a cane but are actually stun guns. These types are the easiest to conceal.

Most stun guns fit easily in your purse or pocket. Most stun guns come with a pouch that will have a loop or clip and can be carried on your side.

If you are attacked the best defense places to use your stun gun on are the neck, shoulders, abdomen, or groin. A half second to one second application causes pain. One or two seconds of the stun gun causes muscle spasms and confusion. Three to five second blasts causes the loss of balance and muscle control, disorientation and confusion. You can not get shocked by the stun gun even if your assailant is touching you. The gun will go easily through 1/2" of clothing.

Stun guns are easy to take care of. Keep them clean with a cloth. Most people like to turn on their stun guns and press the trigger to hear them make a loud electrical popping sound. This is a no no. Don't randomly pop the stun gun. They sound cool and to may impress you friend but ultimately this causes damage to your stun gun. Stun Guns were meant to complete a circuit when used on an attacker. Randomly popping your stun gun will eventually break the gun beyond repair.

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