Self Defense - Less Lethal Weapons

Need some protection, but don't want anything lethal around? Smart move, often a letha weapon escalates a situation and if you are not experienced in the weapon you have it can be a... well, deadly situation. has you covered for options that you may feel better about. Check out our mace and pepper spray. You'll love our family owned website. 

Less Lethal Vs. Lethal Weapons: Inconsistencies in Self Defense Laws

What is the best place to purchase pepper spray or mace locally? 

What are the US restrictions for pepper spray and how does it work? Infographic about how they work including: Scoville Heat units, Jalapeno peppers are 8,000 Habanero are 350,000 SHUS, STREAM, Mist, Fog to stop the attacker. Coughing, eye swelling, and burning occur. Where do you have to register Pepper spray? What are the restrictions? Is it a chemical spray, how many ounces per can are allowed? 

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