Monkey Fist Knot: The New Self Defense

Monkey Fist Knot Self Defense

A Monkey Fist knot is so named because it looks like a small bunched fist or paw. The monkey fist knot originally began as a frequently used Merchant Marine term. Sailors of the 1800's began using monkey fists (a knot tide around a small weight) as a method to grab ropes from boat to boat, person to person. The weight on the line made the passing of lines from a ship to shore or from one ship to another ship easier and faster.

These first knots, also known as sailor knots, began as a bolt, maybe a rock, or something that had weight. It would be placed inside the monkey fist knot. The knot would be tightened and attached to the rope. Then it would be thrown to a sailor on the shore or on another ship. Many times this lighter rope would be replaced with a heaver rope. This process saved time. Throwing a heavy rope was much harder than throwing the lighter weighted line.

The Monkey fist began to be used as a hand-to-hand weapon, when the sailors were on shore. Also called a slungshot they were commonly used as melee weapons by sailors embroiled in street and tavern fights. The use of the monkey's fist as a slungshot became common in the street gang subcultures of the 19th century.

Monkey Fist Knot Most monkey fists double as key chains that serve a twofold purpose. Drop your keys in a purse or backpack and leave the knot dangling over the side making easy access to your keys. Never lose your keys again. Their second purpose, and perhaps most important purpose, is for self defense. Learning to use a monkey fist for protection can be very effective. The Monkey fist has made a comeback in the last few years. It has worked it's way into everyday life. We have easy access to para cord and this has given new life to the monkey fist. Type "Monkey Fist" into a search engine and you get a whole lot of how to make a monkey fist. Monkey fist fans are making them everywhere. Monkey fists are one of the top items to make out of para cord.

Our Monkey Fist features Military grade 550 lb test, 7 strand, Commercial & Mil-Spec. Parachute cord (autumn camo) with a 25 mm (1 in.) steel ball bearing. Our Monkey Fist is strong with a split ring/key chain end and bead. Our Monkey Fist will beautifully compliment the finest gear in your collection! 9-1/2" long.

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