Sardine Can: Survival in the Wild

Sadine Can Survival

I am one of those people that believe Survival skills are important. When you are in a survival situation you never know what you may have to work with. I like to look at my environment and play a little game. I will pick something out and figure out ways I could use the item as a survival tool. Today I was in the kitchen and saw some sardines in the can. I wondered what could I do with a Sardine can in a survival situation? This is what I came up with.

Something real easy would be a signal mirror. Polish the bottom of your sardine can and you get a real handy signal mirror. perfect for your survival kit.

If you had an unopened can of sardines you could of course eat them. They are a great snack full of protein. Save some of your sardines, they make make great catfish bait or use them in a crawdad trap or minnow trap. Racoons love sardines. Making a trap and using sardines as bait may bring you some well needed meat in a survival situation.

If you are backpacker a large Sardine can makes a great little frying pan. Could be a great little addition to your cook set. If you have two sardine cans you have a pan and astove. Fill a sardine can with cotton balls and pour alcohol on them, light it and you have a useful stove. Another way to make a stove out of a sardine can is to take cardboard strips and melt hot wax onto them. Light the strips and you have your stove or you have a great emergency fire starter.

Sardine Can Stove

Sardine Can Stove

After eating your sardines, leave the oil in the can. Find some cotton string or better yet some jute cord. Set the cord in the oil and leave around one inch exposed. Now you have a grease lamp. Light the wick and you are ready to go.

Sardine Can Lamp with Sardine Oil

Sardine Can Lamp with Sardine Oil

If you happen to be in Green Bay, Wisconsin you can go to The Sardine Can for a drink and some fun.

Sardine cans are used to make small survival kits. Personally I do not like the the commercially available sardine cans survival kits. Mostly they are cheesy with survival items that are way below standard. But You could fill an empty sardine can with smaller survival gear, wrap the can with a good amount of duct tape and now you have your gear, a water resistant can, and duct tape, which is possibly the greatest of all survival tools.

With a little imagination and know how you can take almost objects and find great survival uses.

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