Beautiful Superhero's- How do you date a superhero?


Take us out of our current reality - at least for an hour or two. Give us a chance to be SUPER, to SAVE the cheerleader, to FIGHT the bad guys, to LAUGH...

And maybe most importantly to check out really amazing knives!

Inglorious Bastards Brad Pitt Knife Picture

The Avengers show us that all kinds of Hero's can team up to save the world!

Avengers Team Work

Uma Thurman taught us to not underestimate the capabilities of a hot woman with a vengeance!  By the way, if you would really like to own a sword like she had- head over to our sword page.

Kill Bill Sword

Speaking of Beautiful Women holding Swords.  I'd be ok with seeing more with that topic:

Well HELLO, Kate Beckensale.

Kate Beckensale Van Helsing Sword

Hey there Little Red! My My that is quite a big knife you have!

MyAnna Buring Witchville

"Make sure they remember you."  Girls like Crossbows.

Katniss Bow Remember you quote


But more than that... they want to feel memorable. 

Of course we know it is the real HERO's who end up with the girl.  Just look out if her powers are greater than yours- right Cyclops?

Cyclops and Phoenix Xmen

If that doesn't scare you- I'm pretty sure that Super Girl is still available....

Super Girl Friend

So, you're saying I have a chance? ... 

Despicable me minion what

You better act fast though, if you want to marry a hot super hero... They are usually taken in a FLASH.

Flash DC Comics


So, How are you going to get her Godfather?  Make her an offer she cant refuse!

Godfather an offer you can't refuse

Don't worry- I've got this "covered."  I am - Iron Can. 

Iron Man I am Iron Can


Spiderman Spiderman - Does whatever Spiderman get the girl in his web.

Spiderman Pose Picture


  If any man can get the girl, it's certainly Thor- what a great movie. Are you a Marvel Fan or do you prefer DC comics?

Thor Dark World Movie Poster

So, at the end of the day= the point is that Beautiful women who know how to kick butt are not easy to catch.  However, it does seem like the good guys get the girl.

Beautiful Superheros

Nicely done Sir.    

Any other tips on how to date a superhero?  What is she looking for? 

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