2012 Backpack Update Three Weeks and Counting

Camping Kitchen Packed

My Son and I spent the last three days getting all out gear and food together so we could pack our backpacks. That way when it is time to go all we have to do is pick up and go.

We are now down to three weeks and counting. Our leaving date is set for labor day weekend. Our destination is still up in the air. We know we are going to the Chattahoochee National Forest in North Georgia. We have decided on one of three trails. The trails of choice are the Benton Makaye, the Bartram or the Duncan Ridge. I have packed some of the Benton Makaye. The attraction to the Benton Makaye are on two levels: difficulty and isolation. We are looking for a challenge. The Benton Makaye has much less foot traffic than many of the other long distance trails. With that being said the Bartram and Duncan Ridge have things to offer. Before a decision is made more research is necessary.

Here is a picture of my kitchen. It starts with a titanium pot with a cup that acts as a lid. Everything that I cook with fits in the pot. My esbit stove and esbit fuel for 5 days fits in the pot. Also inside my kitchen is a columbia river spork tool, a scrubber and my blastmatch fire starter. I always bring a lighter because I like to eat. But I like to test my survival skills when I am out and that is where the blastmatch comes in. I bring tinder and I find tinder and I practice my fire starting skills. Back to my kitchen. Everything fits in the pot and the pot fits in a mesh bag. Everything weighs in at around a half a pound.

GORP Good Ole Raisins and PeanutsI wrote in an earlier post about my GORP (good ole raisin and peanuts). This is the recipe I used this time. It always changes.

  • raisins
  • Cranraisins blueberry juice
  • smoked almonds
  • roasted peanuts
  • banana hips
  • M & Ms
  • M & Ms peanut
  • coconuts 

    I like to use cashews but this trip they were cost prohibitive. I usually make a sweet and a spicy gorp but this year I am trying to keep costs at a minimum so we are taking sweet gorp. GORP is easy to make. You get your ingredients, mix them together and out the gorp in ziplocks. When I am on the trail I always have a small bag of gorp at hands reach whenever I want it.

    We also made some jerky in the dehydrator. Jerky is a great snack on the trail and a nice addition to lunch which is usually Gorp cheese and jerky. This is the recipe I put together.


    • brown sugar
    • dales sauce
    • Worcester sauce
    • adobo powder
    • ancho chili pepper powder
    • A few secret spices (a guy has to have a few secrets). 

    I like a semi sweet jerky that also has a little bite to it.

    Finished Packs for Hiking

    Here are our packs ready to go.

    Future Backpacker

    My Granddaughter was in the mix and was sure her help was needed. She is my future backpacker. I started taking my son when he was around 8 years old.

    Father Son Backpackers Ready to go

    Here we are in our packs. Waiting for September. You can see that "One Arm Don" is not just a nickname!

    That's all I have for now.

    One Arm Don

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