Austin in August - Batman

Saturday in Austin. Today we made it to downtown Austin. We were lucky to happen across Bat Fest. We just happened by the Congress avenue bridge and there it was.... Bat Fest. Vendors, Food and 14 Bands paying their respect to the creatures of the night. Every night at dusk the bats leave their home under the bridge to forage for insects.
Austin Bat Fest ESKnives

We paid our $10 parking, the event was free, and we walked around checked out some street vendors, listened to some music and chilled out in Austin overlooking the Colorado River. We got to see the Dark Knight Bat Mobile. It was hard to get a picture with out people in around it. The Bat mobile seemed to be the most popular attraction.

Bat mobile Austin Bat Fest

Talking about Batman and such I thought this would be a good place to promote some product. A little advertising break. Here are our Batman throwing shurikens. I don't have to say anything about them. The picture speaks for itself. They're pretty cool!

Batman Shurikens ESKnives

Dark Knight Shurikens 

We arrived at Bat Fest several hours before the main bat event. It was sunny and it was hot. All that walking we realized we were hungry and it was time to eat. We had a decision to make. Eat at Bat Fest or go down to 1st avenue and hit a street stand. After very little discussion the decision was unanimous: Time to leave Batfest and eat at Torchy's Tacos. It is hard to find a better Taco anywhere. Once Torchy's was brought up they won hands down. We headed down to the Trailer Park Eatery to land a few world famous tacos.

Trailor Park and Eatery Austin Bat Fest

Torchy's Tacos Austin, TX

Torchy's is an Austin landmark. They have been around forever and as they say they have "Damn Good Tacos". Menu choices include the trailer park, the democrat and the dirty sanchez.

Torchy's Tacos Austin Bat Fest

We decided on the crossroads, the trailer park, the fried avavado and some street corn. All washed down with Topo Chico mineral water.

A great dinner getting us ready for 6th street and some great music.

That's all I have for now.

One Arm Don


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