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We love this quote. "Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear." -George Addair

It encompasses the Extremely-Sharp "GET OUTDOOR" spirit. Adventure awaits all of us and it isn't usually inside the safety of the walls we build. So grab some outdoor gear and trek into the great wilderness out there.

"You've got a sword and a destiny. That's more than most people get." -Alethea Kontis, Hero.

Follow the great destiny that you've been given!  We encourage you to GET OUTDOORS! Armed with one of our awesome hunting knives or at least a machete. You can explore the world.

There is so much of the world to discover. This photo was taken from inside of a tree in the pacific northwest.  This region has giant trees and beautiful forests to explore. This tree is in the Hoh National Forest - a rainforest in Washington state. Wouldn't you like to be bold enough to climb inside a dark hollow tree hole?  

This graphic was created to encourage you to GET OUTDOORS and go for more hikes. Our Extremely-Sharp Life gets dulled the more time we spend indoors, so grab your best hiking shoes and head out! There are often plenty of local trails to check out, but don't forget to plan some big trips too. We have plenty of recommendations on this blog for places to visit. Be sure to take your pocket knife or multi-tool with you.

The name "Extremely-Sharp" did not happen on accident. It happened after people kept using the phrase when describing our knives, ninja throwing stars, and swords. The name has stuck ever since. When you are facing an opponent like this alligator on an outdoor adventure, you don't want to just feel "Lucky" - you want to know that the knife you carry will hold up and will help you in whatever situation you've gotten yourself in. So, get outdoors with and find your next adventure.


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