Blaze Your Own Trail

You are writing your life story right now.  I doubt that you intended the story of you to only include cubicle walls and a ceiling... No, you picture the exotic places you will travel and the great adventures that you will have. In order for those to become a reality you must first #GetOutdoors and experience the world, and in turn let it give you unexpected adventures. 

Don't be an echo, blaze your own trail.  Stand apart from the crowds and craft a unique tale of passion and adventure. 

These pictures/meme's are intended to be an inspiration to step out into the great unknown and discover the natural world that is all around us. Gaze at tree tops, be silent in nature and discover it's rich sound, walk the muddy paths where few have ventured... this is the ESlife. 

PIN some of these to your Pinterest board to remember the inspiration to get outdoors!

Blaze your own trail
You are writing your life story. Get outdoors and Blaze your own trail. Don't echo other people's stories. Create your own.

When you first set out, be sure to grab some essentials for the trail... like a good sharp machete to clear your path.

trade in normal life for adventure quote
Trade in a "normal life" for one filled to the brim with Adventure.

If you are fishing on your journey, carry a sharp fishing knife. You'll want to fillet the fish with some great knives.

G.R. Chesterton adventure quote  
An Adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered. -Chesterton quote

If you will be camping on your adventure, be sure to have the tools and supplies you'll need at the camp site. Hobo stove is lightweight and can help lighten the load for backpackers- plus we have a lot of blog posts filled with camping tips. An axe is a smart thing to have handy, as well as a good pocket knife.

Live a life of passion and adventure 
| Live a life of Passion & Adventure |

I need wilderness more than it needs me quote 
| I need nature and wilderness far more than it needs me. | Preserve | Respect | Honor | Care for |

Chance to work hard at work worth doing Teddy Roosevelt quote 
Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. - Teddy Roosevelt

Hopefully you are now inspired to fill an awesome pack with all the essentials you need for an adventure and trek out alone or with friends.  Nature has so much to offer and you will only discover it when you choose the hardest part, taking the first step out your door.

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