Altoids Tin Firestarter: Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life

Altoid Tins make great survival tools.  There are many sites and you tube videos that give directions on putting together an Altoid Tin Survival kit. I thought I would do something a little different with my Altoid Tin. I like fire starter kits. I decided to put together an Altoid Tin Fire starter to help you with your survival skills.

ultimate survival blastmatch firestarter

Fire starter kits are simple. You need some type of tinder, and a fire starter. The trick is figuring out how to get it in an Altoids Tin. I like to take a premium fire starter when I am out in the woods. I like a lot of spark. I normally take a blastmatch with me because it works with a one hand single motion. I tried the Blastmatch and it would not fit in the tin. I settled on an Swedish Army Fire Starter by Light My Fire. They make spark that comes out as hot and ready to perform.

altoid firestarter kit

Now the tinder. I chose cotton balls and petroleum jelly. Cotton balls are light, easy to light and burn for a long time. Dip them in petroleum jelly, they light that much easier and burn that much longer (around 3 minutes). I added cotton balls and put some petroleum Jelly in an old balm jar. A rubber band holds the kit together in your pack. You now have the perfect tool for survival, light and compact.

altoid can firestarter kit

As you look at the picture you can tell I added a Meyerco Dew Claw. These are small, lightweight and could be used to scrape tinder from different sources.

altoid can firestarter kit wrapped

The next step was to try out the kit. Looking at the picture it worked just fine.

altoid firestarter kit fire

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