Mosquito repellents: what's fact or myth? (infographic)

Elderberries Mosquito Repellent
Do Mosquito's long for your sweet blood?
Don't stop being a sweet person, but do try some of our tips to keep them off you on your next camping trip:

When selecting where to pitch your tent, place the tent entrance facing into the wind to discourage mosquitos from congregating.

Avoid mosquitoes havens: don't camp near wet or swampy areas. Wear neutral and light colors while backpacking and hiking. There is some evidence that mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors more than lighter colors as well as contrasts in light and dark. Light colors may also make ticks more visible that might crawl onto you.
If you don't like to use mosquito repellents: try the leaves from elderberry bushes! Just crush & rub them on your body or place them in your clothing.  
Mosquito Magnet Infographic
Mosquito repellents: what's fact or myth?

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