Real Men Cook

Let's talk about food and cooking. I needed to get this off my chest: REAL MEN COOK!!!

I was taught, as a boy, that women did the cooking in the family. Men did the manly things like working on the car, hunting , fishing and sports. You get it, Men did those manly things and left the unmanly things to the women. How we decided what was manly and what was not manly was never reveled to me. But I knew growing up that I was expected to learn the manly arts. One thing for certain; Men did not cook. Cooking was not a manly art.

Over the years, I have blown that stereotype right out of the water. I love to cook and I am a manly man. In particular, I love to cook meat. I cook everything but meat is my specialty. In fact my nickname among my Native American friends is Meatman. I smoke it. I grill it. I cook it in the oven and in the pan. I love to cook meat. My Motto today is Real Men Cook.

Cooking is an art. It is more than just throwing things together. I have been practicing my art for over 20 years. For food to turn out exceptional you have to learn the ins and outs of cooking. You have to mess up from time to time to get where you want to go. That works in almost all of life's path. If you don't take risks it becomes hard to grow

Real Men Cook Meat Cooking StationAs you can see in the picture I have my own little cooking emporium out back on my
porch. I cook on charcoal, gas and pellet. I have a gas grill and a gas smoker. A few months ago I purchased a traeger pellet grill and I love it. You can see that I also have a weber kettle grill because sometime you just need that charcoal taste. If you can cook on charcoal you can cook on anything. My next cooking project is building a brick grill/smoker. Then I'll be able to smoke with wood coals in the backyard.

The table with the stones in the picture serves two purposes. It makes a great little work station. The stones are perfect for my cast iron dutch ovens.


 Real Men Cook Meat Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I love cooking with the black iron. Most of what I cook is in the cast iron. Cast iron is amazing. It has a 500 year history and played a big part in the settlement of my Country. There is something about the taste of food cooked in cast iron that you can't get anywhere else. Not only that but cast iron is good for you unlike many of the other metal pots on the market.

Since I love to cook I thought I would start with this little introduction. From time to time I'll post a recipe or two and maybe share a few secrets.

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