Hunting For Arrowheads

Trail Head of Trees

I had a great Thanksgiving. My son and daughter in law came into town to share Thanksgiving Dinner. The family got together at my Mom and Dad's. My brother came into town. This Thanksgiving was extra special because it was my Granddaughter's first Thanksgiving.

For Thanksgiving dinner, my Dad and I, deep fried a turkey and a ham. Cooking meat is man's works.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, while the women folk were enjoying Black Friday, my son and I decided to go and look for arrowheads at an old spot we have not visited for several years. This spot in particular is an old Indian trail by the lake that few people know about.

Since our last visit to our spot we have had serious tornado damage in our local area. Last April we had a record 299 Tornadoes sited and touched down here in Alabama. You probably heard about it in the news. We were declared a disaster area. A tornado went through my back yard and jumped over the house. My home suffered some damage, the tornado took out a shed, but we were grateful that all our lives were spared. No human damage is the most important thing in surviving a weather crisis.

Back to the story….. My son and I drove to the trail and we got a huge shock. Our peaceful trail had been turned into a disaster area. Now we are both familiar with backpacking and survival so disaster area or not we set off on our mission. It was tough. We did a lot of climbing. I am a tough one arm son of a gun but it was hard for me. All in all we were out a couple hours hiked a mile or so and found no arrowheads.

We spent most of our time climbing over trees. The amount of downed trees were amazing. The best part was getting to spend some one on one time with my son. We have not been able to spend time with each other lately.

The Real One Arm Don

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