Emerson Protech CQC-7 review

Emerson Protech CQC-7 Thursday, August 25, 2011 If you are a tactical knife enthusiast as I am you probably know Ernest Emerson. Ernest Emerson has been building knives since 1979 and has earned a reputation for making the most sought after tactical knife designs on the planet. The CQC7 is possibly the most famous of his knife designs. Pro-Tech is world famous for their top of the line automatics especially the "Don" series. The Protech CQC-7 automatic is their first collaboration project with Ernest Emerson. This knife is a spring fired version of the CQC-7 made to the exacting standards that Emerson is known for. Mr. Emerson was personally involved in every detail. The results of this collaboration was the Best Collaboration Award in 2010 and is a knife that has Emerson fans and fans of Pro-Tech very pleased indeed. This pro-Tech CQC-7 is made in the USA. Comes in the Pro-Tech nylon molded pouch with a velcro flap. It has a definite Pro-Tech Feel. The knife has a bead blasted clip that can be mounted tip up or tip down depending on your preference and how you choose to carry your knife. The Emerson logo is on the front of the blade. The Pro-Tech logo is on the back of the blade. This knife needs no safety because the button is flush. No accidental openings in your pocket. Emerson Protech CQC-7[/caption] I like this size, almost 8 inches opened. When I hold the CQC-7 I know I am holding a tactical knife. It has a good weight (4 oz) and fits well in the hand. The Blade is 3-1/4" making it a good size for most small jobs. This model has the stonewashed 154-cm blade in a tanto style with the partial serrations. When I need a knife I want it to perform and this Pro-tech will fit the bill as a very useful knife that you don't have to be afraid of a poor performance. This is one tough knife. Retail suggestions are $229.00. I like people to get a great product at a great price. We sell this knife for $165.00 plus shipping. I give this knife my stump of approval One Arm Don

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