Axe Throwing Techniques and Tips

Axe throwing techniques and tips
Axe Throwing Techniques & Tips
Essentially an axe is easier to throw than a knife because the heavy blade does most all the work. It takes litttle effort to send an axe hurling through the air with reasonable accuracy.
Size: A good sized throwing hatchet should be about 12 to 14 inches in length (32-37 cm). To throw the axe hold it firmly in your hand with a fist grip.
Stance: Your stance is important as it will add balance and consistency to your throw. Make it wide enough to be stable and point the leg that coinsides with your throwing arm twords the target.
Throw: The momentum of the head of the axe will carry it through the air. Remember that when you throw it. Because of this the only motion in your throwing arm should be in your elbow. You should release the axe when your arm is staight and aimed at the target. You should spend alot of time aiming at short distances and move your way back gradually over time. Remember this and don't get frustrated when it seems hard at first. Just like anything this takes practice. 
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