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ESKNIVES and Big Chiefs ESKNIVES has been helping Big Chiefs for several years. We are proud to help them out.

Big Chiefs ESKnives

"Big Chiefs was started in 2008 in an effort to help out kids that are considered at-risk.  The idea was conceived by a few substitute teachers while having lunch.  There was much discussion on the decline or absence of respect toward authority figures, especially by a certain group.  The discussion turned from complaining into an idea session on how to help instead of how to criticize.

Big Chiefs At Risk kids

The first step was to get with full-time teachers and find out which students could or would benefit from any kind of program that centered on respect, hard work, and fun.  The most we have had were 30 kids and 20 volunteers, and because of drastic reductions in donations that number fell to 18 kids in 2012.

Big Chiefs Teachers

We take the kids camping, hiking, fishing and do projects like building bird houses and feeders.  Other projects include building holiday baskets and delivering meals.  The largest project is what we call Firewood for the Poor.  There have been landowners locally that have had logging crews come in and make messes of their property.  We go in and cut into firewood the trees that were left behind and down by the loggers.  We do not cut standing timber." Big Chiefs is what we look for when sponsoring organizations. They are small group of guys that just want to help kids. The kids are their main focus. We need more of that. We at ESKNIVES tip our hats to the guys at Big Chiefs.

Big Chiefs ESKnives Team Up

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