The importance of survival preparation

Incoming Survival BabyWhen crap goes down, how will you care for yourself or your family?  You'll need stores of food for a while and you'll most certainly need weapons to protect yourselves.  Some basic tools like an axe, wire saw, machete, duct tape, fillet knives, fire starter, multi use tools... etc are going to be things you can't live without.

Don't be caught unprepared. Have some basic knowledge of preparation and have the tools you will need.

Have enough food in your home to get your family through a few weeks. Can goods, noodles, bullion cubes, foil, powdered milk, sugar, instant coffee, fruit drink mix, powdered eggs, dry beans, lentils, rice, baking powder, etc. There are many websites on this- if you know a good one, leave it in the comments below!

Survival Prep Rotating Can Foods  Survival Preparation Can Rotation

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Duct tape has endless numbers of uses.  You should have a good supply of it - just in case. Here are just a few of the areas that it could be used in emergencies:

Survival Duct Tape Arrow

Duct Tape Survival Emergency Stretcher

This emergency stretcher is just this: for use in an emergency. Always use caution in transporting an injured person.

Duct Tape to Fix Wounds Survival Tip

Using Duct tape to care for a wound: After bleeding stops and the cut is cleaned, trim ¼- to ½-inch-wide strips of duct tape long enough so they will extend at least 1 inch beyond each side of the gash.

Starting in the middle of the wound, apply strips of tape in pairs: First, attach the end of each strip to opposite sides of the cut. Then, gently pull the strips to close the wound, and adhere the loose ends to the cut’s far side. (Fig B). Continue placing pairs of tape strips above and below the center closure (allowing 1/8 inch between strips of tape) until the wound is fully closed. Dress the cut to keep dirt out, and check it regularly for signs of infection.

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Hunting is more than just knowing how to take down a few squirrels or deer. You'll need to skin them and know how to cut them up.

While you're out in the woods hunting, we recommend you carry a few things with you: A Machete, the canvas bag and essentials (see below)

Fillet knife venison cut chart Deer


Take some time and study how you can live without electricity.

Survival Prep starting a fire.

Knowing how to start a fire is no easy task.  It takes know how - it takes practice.  We highly suggest grabbing one of our fire starters to have close by in your survival prep kit. There are several options for fire starters in our Survival area.

Cook an egg in an orange survival preparation

Simple ideas for cooking over a fire are good to know. For example using an orange to cook an egg is a clever idea we have seen.

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family survival plan

green house underground survival preparation

Survival gear keep safe on hike  Survival prep canvas 3 day pack

Knowing how to stay protected and keep warm on on long hikes - in search of food, firewood, shelter, etc. will be an important thing to learn as you start on survival preparedness. The importance of survival kits can not be stressed enough. You'll want a good canvas bag that you can keep things in: Axe, Wire saw, quart of water, food (jerky, nuts, power bars, MRE's), fire starter, bandana, flash light, multi tool knife, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, water purification tablets, can opener, gloves, etc.

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Wire Saw Survival

Axes, map of town, saw, survival books,

Other things to have: Tarps, plastic sheeting, glow sticks, flash lights, batteries, sew kits, First aid, floss, caste Iron cookware.


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