Twist Butterfly Knife - Darrel Ralph design (review)

Twist Butterfly Knife Darrel Ralph design

We have a many different bali-song knives at ESKNIVES. One of my favorites is the twist butterfly, designed by Darrel Ralph. We call it the Shanker Forest. M-Tech calls it "The Twist". If you can get your hands on a Twist, then snatch it up as fast as you can. They have become very hard to find. At this writing we still have a few left.

This Balisong speaks for itself! The Twist is the what other Balisong's Aspire to be! All Handcrafted, unique all steel Custom Design by famous knife maker Darrel Ralph

Balisong's Twist by Darrel RalphOne of the things that make this knife so outstanding is how this knife can be customized to your liking. If you don't like the latches on the right side you can switch it over to the left. The knife is constructed with Torx screws so any owner can easily adjust the knife. Since the knife can be easily disassembled, cleaning it is a breeze. “The Twist” butterfly series is manufactured by M-Tech Xtreme. It has a smooth operation that has very little side to side action give unlike many of the less expensive butterfly knives. This particular knife is Medium Weight and Solid. Doing Tricks with this butterfly are easier than with most bali-songs. It is a great butterfly with two tang studs that keep the handles from banging together and makes for a tighter lock and reduced blade wear.

Your choice of color is black or silver. The blade is 440C stainless steel with a razor sharp edge.

Remember to LOCKTIGHT Those Screws. It will make your Bali-song "Twist" last longer and turn your knife into a Keeper!

Blade: 4",
Handle: 5",
Overall: 9"

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