We are Only as Good as our Customers Say We Are!!!

We love our Customers at Extremely -Sharp

I have been selling knives, swords, survival gear since 1990. I have been selling knives and swords on the internet since 1995. Like a lot of people I started on ebay back when ebay was fun and not a multi million dollar conglomerate saturated by big business. Remember those days?

The sword and knife business is a tough business. The competition is crazy. There are tons of companies on the internet selling knives and swords. Most of them much bigger than we are. And then we have Walmart….. I don't have to explain to most people what Walmart and their like are doing to small businesses. Downtowns have become ghost towns in many communities due to these large conglomerate corporations.

So why do people buy their knives from us? What does One Arm Don at Esknives have that all those others don't? First off I think price and selection. We have a great selection of knives and swords at great prices. We work hard at bringing our customers the cutlery they are looking for. We have been building our contacts and suppliers for over 20 years. We know how to buy the best, the odd, and the weird and offer them at the best prices.

But what keeps people coming back is our customer service. We strive to keep satisfied customers. Our policy of Free Shipping on orders Over $50.00 is geared to let our customers know how important they are to us. Every sale that goes out is completely guaranteed no questions asked.

This means that if you get a knife and are unhappy with it for any reason you get a refund. If you think I misrepresented a knife on the website and it is not what you thought it was, you get a refund. If the post office losses your package, you get a reshipment of your order or a refund no questions asked. If you are dissatisfied in any way we make it right. I mess up an order (happens rarely) I make it right.

We love our community. You want a special knife that I don't have, contact me and I will use our vast resources to search for the knife. Maybe you have a cause or your helping out an organization. You have an organization putting on a function we will donate a knife for your cause. We support our community in the ways that we can.

But what we really believe here at Esknives is that We are only as good as our Customers say we are!! If you want to know how good we are look at what our customers say about us. I get feedback almost everyday.

Here are just a few customer comments. Just for the record these are real comments. I make up nothing. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

"Your customer service is exceptional! Our son, Dave, was so excited to receive the butterfly knife you picked out for him! Your prompt and professional response to our problem and your thoughtful note have really impressed us. We look forward to doing business with you in the future and will recommend your business. Thank you." 

"Thanks a million Don, excellent product! I received it yesterday." 

"Don I Just wanted you too know my package arrived today. I am very pleased. I thank you for your great customer service. I WILL definitely be buying more things. THANK YOU AGAIN. I AM A SATISFIED CUSTOMER . HAVE A GREAT DAY. "

"I very much appreciate all your effort! "

"I thank especially to Don for helping/answering my questions. I received my package in my mailbox and I am really satisfied with your products. I am planning to buy some more in the future, thanks! Have a great day. "

"Thank You Don. I sure wish I found you guy's a lot sooner. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your fabulous service and even better products. your descriptions don't tell the whole story about how freaking cool the stuff really is!!! Thanks again." 

Those are only a few comments I got this last month. So I don't have to blow smoke, or dance or talk bad about the competition. Our customers say it all. ESKNIVES is not just any business. We are a family business. We have integrity and we treat our customers with the respect the deserve.

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