Super Knife Eraser (tip)

Super Knife Eraser
Have you ever wondered why knife dealers knives always look so good?

I sell a lot of knives. I sell high end knives and I sell low end knives. I trade knives. I come across blades that have marks, like rust, tarnish and other markings. You never know, blades do rust and get marked up. I use a Super Knife eraser to clean my blades. There are all sorts of polishes, goops and products that make claims to remove rust and tarnish. I have used them. I have not found one that does the job I need it to do. But my Super Knife eraser is another story. It never lets me down.

The Super Knife Eraser is the well kept secret. They are ideal for erasing rust, tarnish and other surface blemishes on metal, and produces a fine, brushed satin finish. I use my eraser almost daily. I could not live without it.

Every knife collector should know about the Super Eraser. The Super Eraser has an abrasive compound mixed into the rubber of the eraser. I came across some old pocket knives a few weeks ago that had some serious rust spots. I used the Super Rust Eraser and every single knife showed marked improvement. They were not perfect but they came out nice and ready to sell. I sold them as used. That was important, my eraser turned a virtually worthless blade into something not only salvageable but also marketable. Liquid metal cleaners wouldn't touch the spots , but the super Eraser got them off. Honestly, You have to see it to believe it!

The Eraser measures 3-1/8" x 1" x 5/8". They are easy to use, with little effort and they last for years. They are made in Germany. Germans know their knives. It is nice to find a product that is not made in china.
Other Uses for The Super Knife Eraser 1) Great for cleaning the crud out of Tang Stamps on old blades. 2) Removes Oxidation from Derlin handles. 3) Cleans Ceramic and steel sharpening sticks

This may sound like a sales pitch and maybe it is. They are a great seller on the ESKnives site. But really I wanted to spread the joy. I wanted to be helpful and share a tip to knife care that very few know about. There are many people that have tarnished blades and don't have a clue how to restore them. The Super knife Eraser is a good place to start.

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