October Adopt A Shelter Month

My family loves our pets. We have two cats and two dogs at the Extremely-Sharp household.

Unfortunately, not all dogs and cats have the good life. We all know there are way to many dogs and cats and not enough people to take care of them. When I lived in the country I got drop offs almost every week. I know first hand how important it is to take responsibility for our animals. All our animals at ES Knives are spayed and neutered because we do not need any propagating animals.

This month is Adopt a Shelter month. My wife and I help out with several shelters in the area. Shelters provide a much needed service and help animals find the right homes for loving adoptions.

We have both no kill and kill shelters in our area. There is a lot of controversy with kill shelters. I know we don't like killing animals but the problem is that all the non kill shelters I know of in Alabama are full. There are just to many dogs and cats and not enough people to adopt. That is the sad fact.

I have no answer to the problem of to many cats and dogs. We can't let them run around. It is cruel to the animals. They starve, they get sick and carry disease. They cause property damage and sometimes will attack people. This is a huge problem.

The only answer I know that works is responsibility. If you don't want your pet find a good home for them. Don't just drop them off somewhere in the country. I understand that most people that drop off animals believe that they may find a good home. It just does not happen.

If you don't want the responsibility of puppies and kittens have your animals neutered and spayed. Spaying and neutering has an initial expense but those unwanted puppies and kitties are much more expensive in the long run.

So as October winds down, remember those shelters. Maybe a little donation or maybe a little volunteer work to help them out. Visit one and bring home a great addition to the family. There are always unwanted Dogs and Cats that need a good home.

All of our animals at ES Knives are rescued in one way or another.

We have Tucker who was found by a friend running wild with four other dogs on a busy four lane road in Huntsville, Alabama. Tucker came to us at around a year old. He has been apart of the family for around a year and a half. He has told me repeatedly that he is very happy with the new Gig.

Adopter a Shelter Month

Next we have louie. Louie came to us around 4 years ago. He was 5 weeks old and just wandered up to our back porch. We never found anyone to claim him. My daughter fell in love with him and the rest is history. Louie was named after the Character Robert Di Nero played in "Angel Heart" Louis Cypher, aka Lucifer.

October Adopt a Shelter

Time for the cats. The first up is Bast. Bast is black and Bast comes with an attitude. Bast came from a local shelter located at our vets office. She has been with us around 5 years. Bast was named after the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast.

Adopt a Shelter Month

Last but not least is our newest addition, Tom. Tom is a tomcat that just showed up one day. He has been around for about 6 months. My wife keeps telling me that he is not our cat, that he's just visiting. I see him every day and we feed him. I'm thinking he's our cat.

October Adopt Animal Shelter Month

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