Pictures and history of Guntersville, Alabama

Extremely-Sharp Knives and Swords is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We live in a beautiful, unique place that is steeped in Southern Culture. Guntersville is located in a valley off Sand Mountain, on the Tennessee River. In the 1930's the Guntersville Dam was built by the Army Corp of Engineers and the Tennessee Valley Authority making Guntersville Lake one of the larger man made lakes. The Guntersville Dam has three turbines that provides most of the electricity to Marshall county and the surrounding counties.

We at Extremely-Sharp want to share our hometown and our culture on our Extremely-Sharp Life page from time to time. This is the beginning, of what I hope will be many posts, describing life here in Guntersville.

Today I thought I would start by posting a few pictures from downtown Guntersville.

Guntersville, AL Post Office

This is the old Post Office. The old Post Office was replaced by a brand spankin new Post Office that was opened a couple of years ago. The old Post Office was built in the 30's and is one of our classier landmarks.

Guntersville, AL Downtown

Here is view of downtown Guntersville.

Guntersville, AL The Glover

The Glover is our Oldest Hotel. Designed for the wealthy, The Glover has not been a Hotel for many years. It has had a series of over halls and has housed mostly restaurants but has been a crafts mall at one time.

Guntersville, AL Court House

Across from the Glover you can see our court house. This is where I go to pay my car registration. The Court House is the Hub of Guntersville Bureaucracy.

Guntersville, AL First United Methodist Church

Last stop for today is the First United Methodist Church which is one of the oldest Church's in Guntersville.

This is where we live. A nice small town that has it's own unique personality wrapped in southern charm.

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