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The 6 Types of Knife Collectors

I have been selling knives for over 20 years now. In that time I have met a lot of knife collectors. It took me a few years to understand that there are different types of collectors. I know what you’re thinking, not the sharpest tool in the shed. I blame that on genetics.

Me, I just love blades. They all have a story to tell. They all have a history. Some knives and swords are pieces of art. The way they are made, the care that the crafts person puts into them makes them something to behold.

Some knives are just knives. I sell a lot of throwing knives that many would consider low end. So what's their story? I look at lower end knives as a stepping stone to better knives. Lower end throwing knives give a beginner something to throw. Maybe they are not ready to make that investment into a high quality throwing knife. Once they get their knife and start to throw their interest is pushed farther into the envelope. Now they want something more. Low end knives are Kinda like a gateway drug.

Back to the point of my story. I just assumed that people collected knifes. It took me a while to realize not everybody had the same interest when it came to collecting. Over the years I have been able to start recognizing and classifying the different types of collectors. So far this is what I have come up with.

First of all you have the guy that just likes to buy knives. I use guy as a reference (because I run into few lady knife collectors). There is no rhyme or reason to his buying habits he just buys what he likes and he likes everything. This is the guy that usually puts his knives in the closet and take them out every once in a while to impress his friends, his family and maybe that special lady. This is where most collectors start before specializing.

The next guy is the history buff. He likes to collect history. He wants to own a part of history. History collectors buy authentic pieces and replicas. For many history collectors replicas work as well as the authentic piece and are less expensive. These knives are usually displayed and are rarely used.

The Antique Collector may be considered a version of the history collector. The antique collector loves old blades. Replicas do not work in this category. The blades must be authentic.

The Brand name collector collects a certain manufacture. I know guys that collect Case knives. Myself, I like old Queen Cutlery. There is a version of this collector that may collect a knife designer like Gil Hibben, Mel Pardue or Ernest Emerson. These guys may have knives from different manufacturers but they are designed by the same craftsman.

The Custom Knife Collector is the guy that buys one of kind knives from individual knife craftsmen. If you fall in this category you may have to get a second job. These knives do not come cheap. These knives are often made with custom forged steel, exotic handles, and precision craftsmanship. These knives are usually considered works of art.

There are guys the love the mechanism of the knife, the design of a knife. I call these guys The Mechanic Collector. These knives are usually strange and exotic. These guys look for different metals, odd opening systems, and different designs.

The Knife type collector collects certain types of knives. This elite collector may collect bowie knives. I sell a lot of knives to movie buffs. I had a friend that collected hawkbill knives, nothing but hawkbills.

The Knife Modifier can't leave well enough alone. This fellow buys a knife and has to modify it in some way. Handles are the most common practice of this collector. I have a friend that buys knives and inlays turquoise in the handles. He makes beautiful knives.

Now if you appreciate a good knife, buy it, bring it home and use it you are known as The Knife User. Imagine a collector that uses his knives. Don't laugh it happens more than you think. This guy buys different knives for different purposes and enjoys the action of a great tool to do a great job.

Now of course most of us blade lovers fall into more than one of these categories and this is just a small list. I myself have knives from all of these categories. But this list could be a good starting point helping the collector and his focus.
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Hunting For Arrowheads

Trail Head of Trees

I had a great Thanksgiving. My son and daughter in law came into town to share Thanksgiving Dinner. The family got together at my Mom and Dad's. My brother came into town. This Thanksgiving was extra special because it was my Granddaughter's first Thanksgiving.

For Thanksgiving dinner, my Dad and I, deep fried a turkey and a ham. Cooking meat is man's works.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, while the women folk were enjoying Black Friday, my son and I decided to go and look for arrowheads at an old spot we have not visited for several years. This spot in particular is an old Indian trail by the lake that few people know about.

Since our last visit to our spot we have had serious tornado damage in our local area. Last April we had a record 299 Tornadoes sited and touched down here in Alabama. You probably heard about it in the news. We were declared a disaster area. A tornado went through my back yard and jumped over the house. My home suffered some damage, the tornado took out a shed, but we were grateful that all our lives were spared. No human damage is the most important thing in surviving a weather crisis.

Back to the story….. My son and I drove to the trail and we got a huge shock. Our peaceful trail had been turned into a disaster area. Now we are both familiar with backpacking and survival so disaster area or not we set off on our mission. It was tough. We did a lot of climbing. I am a tough one arm son of a gun but it was hard for me. All in all we were out a couple hours hiked a mile or so and found no arrowheads.

We spent most of our time climbing over trees. The amount of downed trees were amazing. The best part was getting to spend some one on one time with my son. We have not been able to spend time with each other lately.

The Real One Arm Don

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Introduction to Lock Picking

By Isabella Woods

Don't worry, this isn't the beginning of a slippery slope into a life of crime! There are many reasons why perfectly law-abiding citizens should familiarize themselves with the basics of picking locks. Most people carry around a bunch of keys that will open the doors to all parts of their lives including their home, office, car, bicycle padlock, gym lockers and garages. If these keys ever go missing it can be a real disaster. Having the ability to pick open your locks in an emergency saves time, expense and worry.

However, it is important to be aware of the ethics of picking locks. Locks are there for a reason, and it is both completely illegal and unethical to open a lock without the express permission of the property owner or legitimate keyholder. While lock picking is associated in a lot of people's minds with criminal behavior, the truth is that few criminals bother going to the trouble of learning how to pick locks other than those on cars, preferring instead to break their way through doors and windows.

In reality, most people who pick locks are professional locksmiths called upon by the keyholders of the lock in question. Whereas a criminal will smash a door down to get inside a building, most honest people prefer to hire a locksmith to open the lock without causing damage to the property. Professional locksmiths have a lot of different bits of equipment designed to help get them through doors, including electric pick guns which vibrate inside the lock to jiggle it open. Yet any true professional should be able to get through a basic pin-and-tumbler lock with nothing more than a small flat head screwdriver and a bent paper clip.

There is also a third kind of lock picker: the hobbyist, who likes the challenge and the puzzle element of picking a lock. Getting through a lock without a key is a satisfying skill to master, as it relies on the senses as well as intelligence and patience. Lock pickers must learn to listen to the tiny noises from within the lock that tell them when the pins are in place; they must be dextrous enough to make the subtle movements needed, and to feel the slightest movement within the lock through the tips of their fingers. It is also important to have a talent for visualizing the insides of a lock, and an understanding of the way different locks work. All of these elements combine to make lock picking a fun past time for a lot of people. There are two good reasons why it is good to learn a little about picking a lock: firstly for practical independence, in order that you can never get locked out of your own house, and secondly because it is great fun to try.

A basic pin-and-tumbler lock can be opened with relative ease and a essential lock picking kit. These are the kinds of locks often found inside padlocks, on house doors, so it is useful to know how to get around them. A pin-and-tumbler lock is like a cork in a bottle. The cork, or tumbler, has holes running into it, and each hole has two pins inside which are cut differently and which run between the tumbler and the surrounding housing (i.e. between the cork and the bottle). When the right key is inserted into the lock the pins lift up so that the gap between the two pins aligns with the edge of the tumbler: this is known as the shear line. This means that the tumbler can be rotated freely, opening the lock. The goal of picking the lock is to lift these pins in the exact same way a key would. To do this, the lock picker inserts a tension wrench to twist the tumbler slightly. The tension wrench is a small flat-headed tool, like a screwdriver. They then prod at the pins inside the lock with a pick – a long piece of thin metal that is hooked slightly at the end – in order to lift them up to the shear line. This takes practice and patience to achieve, but it is a useful skill to have.

Almost everyone who owns a car has had the heart-sinking experience of slamming the door shut only to realize that they've left the keys inside. This momentary lack of concentration is often made worse by the embarrassment and expense of having to explain to a mechanic exactly why they need to break into the car. But before you start looking into scrap insurance prices, if you find that you are frequently locking yourself out of your car it might be wise to learn how to use a slim jim. But it is easy for inexperienced lock pickers to damage the lock or the car door whilst using a slim jim, so it is important to learn this skill with the supervision of an experienced locksmith.

Like a great many other things, lock picking is a skill that can be used both for good and evil purposes. But it is a valuable and useful thing to learn for everyone who can be a little absent minded at times, or even just for those looking for a new way to challenge themselves.
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Real Men Cook

Let's talk about food and cooking. I needed to get this off my chest: REAL MEN COOK!!!

I was taught, as a boy, that women did the cooking in the family. Men did the manly things like working on the car, hunting , fishing and sports. You get it, Men did those manly things and left the unmanly things to the women. How we decided what was manly and what was not manly was never reveled to me. But I knew growing up that I was expected to learn the manly arts. One thing for certain; Men did not cook. Cooking was not a manly art.

Over the years, I have blown that stereotype right out of the water. I love to cook and I am a manly man. In particular, I love to cook meat. I cook everything but meat is my specialty. In fact my nickname among my Native American friends is Meatman. I smoke it. I grill it. I cook it in the oven and in the pan. I love to cook meat. My Motto today is Real Men Cook.

Cooking is an art. It is more than just throwing things together. I have been practicing my art for over 20 years. For food to turn out exceptional you have to learn the ins and outs of cooking. You have to mess up from time to time to get where you want to go. That works in almost all of life's path. If you don't take risks it becomes hard to grow

Real Men Cook Meat Cooking StationAs you can see in the picture I have my own little cooking emporium out back on my
porch. I cook on charcoal, gas and pellet. I have a gas grill and a gas smoker. A few months ago I purchased a traeger pellet grill and I love it. You can see that I also have a weber kettle grill because sometime you just need that charcoal taste. If you can cook on charcoal you can cook on anything. My next cooking project is building a brick grill/smoker. Then I'll be able to smoke with wood coals in the backyard.

The table with the stones in the picture serves two purposes. It makes a great little work station. The stones are perfect for my cast iron dutch ovens.


 Real Men Cook Meat Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I love cooking with the black iron. Most of what I cook is in the cast iron. Cast iron is amazing. It has a 500 year history and played a big part in the settlement of my Country. There is something about the taste of food cooked in cast iron that you can't get anywhere else. Not only that but cast iron is good for you unlike many of the other metal pots on the market.

Since I love to cook I thought I would start with this little introduction. From time to time I'll post a recipe or two and maybe share a few secrets.

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Getting the Tents Ready

Labor Day Weekend is the time. This is the time my Son and I have planned our next backpacking adventure. We are going to the mountains!

The key to a successful backpacking trip is proper planning and good equipment. Today we went through our equipment, decided what we have and what we need. Today we started our lists.

Shelter is a high priority when you are out in the wilderness. We are ultra light backpackers and we attempt to shave off ounces whenever possible. I have been able to get my winter pack, with 5 days of food, down to around 38 pounds. Light weight yet effective shelter is a must. Our goal is less than 2-1/2 pounds. My Son has a bivy tent and I take a kelty tarp. His tent is off market, but a nice tent none the less. With poles and stakes it weighs around 2-1/2lbs. My Kelty tarp is the large tarp. I like the large tarp because it can be used as a gathering place and is nice to sleep under. In a major storm I can roll up in it with my sleeping bag and stay warm and dry. My Kelty Tarp weighs in at around 2 pounds with stakes. I use my walking stick as a pole.

Backpacking Tent  Backpacking Kelty Tarp

Backpacking Bivy tent

 We have not been backpacking in a couple years so today we decided to prepare the tents for our trip. Preparing a tent for a trip means seam sealing and waterproofing.

There are many ways and many products to complete the waterproofing process. I am going to share how I waterproof a shelter.

We set up our shelters to make sure that we had all the parts. Once the tent is set up it is time to silicone. Spray silicone or spray waterproofing, is inexpensive and works well. When spraying silicone on your shelter you spray it like you were spraying spray paint trying to get a good coat but not to thick. Be sure to focus on the seams. During a warm afternoon it takes around about to dry fully. Your tent is now waterproofed.  

 Waterproofing Tent     Waterproofing Kelty Tarp

Waterproofing is not enough. If you are going to have a leak on the trail it will probably be through a seam. Seam sealing is the next step. There are lots of seam sealers out there. Some are rather pricey. I use an inexpensive sealer that can be bought in any camping section at K-Mart, Wallmart or Target. I have had good luck with the lower end seam seal.

Turn your tent inside out and apply the sealer per directions. It is not hard to do. A hard flat surface is necessary to apply the sealer to the seam. The key to seam sealing is being slow and steady. Take your time and get the sealer into all the seams. Let your tent dry over night and put in it's sack.


Seam sealing a tent     Seam sealing tent for backpacking

Your shelter is now ready to go. This process should last one or two seasons with no leak problems.

I will continue to make updates on the upcoming backpacking trip.

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Backpacking Trip Update 2012

My son and I are planning a backpack trip this Labor Day Weekend. I am planning more updates as the trip grows nearer.

We have decided to go up to the Chattahoochee National Forest which is located in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. I am familiar with much of the Georgia side of the National Forest. I have backpacked many times in Georgia. We are thinking mainly about the Benton Mackaye Trail or maybe some off trails.

We used to do the AT (Appalachian Trail) but over the years the AT has become somewhat of a backpacker super highway. I go out in the wilderness to get away, especially from our modern society and the people. I like to be alone, in this case alone with my son and my thoughts. I don't want to drive hundreds of miles to get away and find myself stuck around several backpackers. A few years ago we were hiking the AT in November and we camped a mile away from a shelter and there were probably around 20 people camped out at the shelter. A mile away we could still hear them most of the night.

Well any way I have ordered maps for the North Carolina part of the National Forest and maps for the Benton Mackaye Trail. An interesting side note is that Benton Mackaye was the driving force behind the AT becoming a National Trail.

Mountain House Freeze Dried GrubWhen I go out I usually put together my own food. But this year I found some Mountain House Freeze Dried Grub at a discounted price. This year I thought I would try some prepackaged food. I will still put some food together. I will make some jerky, a spicy Gorp and a Sweet Gorp (Gorp = Good Ole Raisins and Peanuts). Most seasoned backpackers have their own favorite Gorp mixes. Gorp and Jerky is great for snacks and lunch when you are on the trail. I will bring my standard block of cheese wrapped in cloth. Cheese has a little weight to it but it is a nice addition and as long as it is not to hot will last a long time on the trail. On the first night I like to indulge by taking a steak I have frozen and a potatoes. By the time I am ready to eat the first night the steak is thawed and I have a steak and fried potatoes. That is a welcomed meal and since it is the first night the added weight is well worth the meal.

What I will make for sure are my morning drinks. I don't drink coffee much so that is not a problem on the trail. What I do like on the trail in the morning is chocolate carnation instant breakfast. I get myself a ziplock bag and add my instant breakfast and a some powdered milk. When I am ready to drink I heat up water and add it to my mix (in a cup, not the ziplock bag). The added powdered milk adds to the consistency.

Coghlans TrowelI bought myself a new trowel for the trip. My old one had a crack in it. My last trowel had seen one to many backpacking trips and developed a crack. Going to the bathroom is tricky in the woods and you don't want your trowel to snap when you need it. I like this trowel from Coghlans. Most of their camping supplies are to much for the trail but they make a great trowel. It is light weight, strong, easy to see in the dark and the price is right. If you are wondering what you need a trowel for I would recommend the book How to Sh*t in the Woods: Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art by Kathleen Meyer. This book has everything you will need to have a pleasant, yet environmentally friendly bathroom experience in the woods.

I like to take my trowel and wrap the handle with a good amount of Duck Tape. It proves to be a nice handle and you never know when you will need Duck Tape on the trail. Duck tape is an indispensable tool on the trail. Duck Tape makes a nice trowel handle and the bright orange trowel it is easy to see in the dark making your duck tape easily accessible. That orange trowel kinda sticks out.

Blastmatch Ultimate Survival fire starter

When I go out on the trail I always take a lighter. Lighters are great for toilet paper (see previous paragraph). I like to know that I can light my stove or have a small fire in the rain. But I also like to know I can survive in the woods. So I usually bring a fire starter and tinder to create my own fire when I am on the trail. This year I decided on a blastmatch byUltimate Survival. The blastmatch works great for a guy with one arm. And since I have one arm I can use the blastmatch with one hand where as most fire starters you need two hands. They can be tricky. I can usually figure out a way to use them but the one handed method is much easier and I don't swear as much. As far as tinder goes I usually just usecotton balls that I keep in a ziplock. (ziplocks are a great way to keep things dry and weight little.) Bringing cotton balls means that I don't have to scrape bark of a tree or tear up a cat tail. I like to leave the wilderness as I found it and create as little damage as possible. 


 Thats all I got for now. More updates in the future.

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2012 Backpack Update Three Weeks and Counting

Camping Kitchen Packed

My Son and I spent the last three days getting all out gear and food together so we could pack our backpacks. That way when it is time to go all we have to do is pick up and go.

We are now down to three weeks and counting. Our leaving date is set for labor day weekend. Our destination is still up in the air. We know we are going to the Chattahoochee National Forest in North Georgia. We have decided on one of three trails. The trails of choice are the Benton Makaye, the Bartram or the Duncan Ridge. I have packed some of the Benton Makaye. The attraction to the Benton Makaye are on two levels: difficulty and isolation. We are looking for a challenge. The Benton Makaye has much less foot traffic than many of the other long distance trails. With that being said the Bartram and Duncan Ridge have things to offer. Before a decision is made more research is necessary.

Here is a picture of my kitchen. It starts with a titanium pot with a cup that acts as a lid. Everything that I cook with fits in the pot. My esbit stove and esbit fuel for 5 days fits in the pot. Also inside my kitchen is a columbia river spork tool, a scrubber and my blastmatch fire starter. I always bring a lighter because I like to eat. But I like to test my survival skills when I am out and that is where the blastmatch comes in. I bring tinder and I find tinder and I practice my fire starting skills. Back to my kitchen. Everything fits in the pot and the pot fits in a mesh bag. Everything weighs in at around a half a pound.

GORP Good Ole Raisins and PeanutsI wrote in an earlier post about my GORP (good ole raisin and peanuts). This is the recipe I used this time. It always changes.

  • raisins
  • Cranraisins blueberry juice
  • smoked almonds
  • roasted peanuts
  • banana hips
  • M & Ms
  • M & Ms peanut
  • coconuts 

    I like to use cashews but this trip they were cost prohibitive. I usually make a sweet and a spicy gorp but this year I am trying to keep costs at a minimum so we are taking sweet gorp. GORP is easy to make. You get your ingredients, mix them together and out the gorp in ziplocks. When I am on the trail I always have a small bag of gorp at hands reach whenever I want it.

    We also made some jerky in the dehydrator. Jerky is a great snack on the trail and a nice addition to lunch which is usually Gorp cheese and jerky. This is the recipe I put together.


    • brown sugar
    • dales sauce
    • Worcester sauce
    • adobo powder
    • ancho chili pepper powder
    • A few secret spices (a guy has to have a few secrets). 

    I like a semi sweet jerky that also has a little bite to it.

    Finished Packs for Hiking

    Here are our packs ready to go.

    Future Backpacker

    My Granddaughter was in the mix and was sure her help was needed. She is my future backpacker. I started taking my son when he was around 8 years old.

    Father Son Backpackers Ready to go

    Here we are in our packs. Waiting for September. You can see that "One Arm Don" is not just a nickname!

    That's all I have for now.

    One Arm Don
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    Austin in August - Batman

    Saturday in Austin. Today we made it to downtown Austin. We were lucky to happen across Bat Fest. We just happened by the Congress avenue bridge and there it was.... Bat Fest. Vendors, Food and 14 Bands paying their respect to the creatures of the night. Every night at dusk the bats leave their home under the bridge to forage for insects.
    Austin Bat Fest ESKnives

    We paid our $10 parking, the event was free, and we walked around checked out some street vendors, listened to some music and chilled out in Austin overlooking the Colorado River. We got to see the Dark Knight Bat Mobile. It was hard to get a picture with out people in around it. The Bat mobile seemed to be the most popular attraction.

    Bat mobile Austin Bat Fest

    Talking about Batman and such I thought this would be a good place to promote some product. A little advertising break. Here are our Batman throwing shurikens. I don't have to say anything about them. The picture speaks for itself. They're pretty cool!

    Batman Shurikens ESKnives

    Dark Knight Shurikens 

    We arrived at Bat Fest several hours before the main bat event. It was sunny and it was hot. All that walking we realized we were hungry and it was time to eat. We had a decision to make. Eat at Bat Fest or go down to 1st avenue and hit a street stand. After very little discussion the decision was unanimous: Time to leave Batfest and eat at Torchy's Tacos. It is hard to find a better Taco anywhere. Once Torchy's was brought up they won hands down. We headed down to the Trailer Park Eatery to land a few world famous tacos.

    Trailor Park and Eatery Austin Bat Fest

    Torchy's Tacos Austin, TX

    Torchy's is an Austin landmark. They have been around forever and as they say they have "Damn Good Tacos". Menu choices include the trailer park, the democrat and the dirty sanchez.

    Torchy's Tacos Austin Bat Fest

    We decided on the crossroads, the trailer park, the fried avavado and some street corn. All washed down with Topo Chico mineral water.

    A great dinner getting us ready for 6th street and some great music.

    That's all I have for now.

    One Arm Don


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    8 gifts for Hunters

    Gifts for Hunters

    What are the top gifts for Hunters?  We put together a great list for you to make shopping easy. It can be hard to shop for people and know what they would like. This list can be used for general

    1. Hunting knife

    Gerber Metolius guthook knife

    We love knives. A Hunter considers a quality knife as an ESSENTIAL. Most keep several various ones close by, but a new quality hunting knife is a great gift for any hunter.

    We recommend this Gerber Knife if you don't know which to pick.  However, ESknives has a large selection of Hunting knives if you want to find the perfect one.

    A fixed guthook knife from Gerber's Metolius line. Black glass filled nylon handles with black sure grip rubber overmold. The handle gives a good solid grip which you kNow is essential when you are using the guthook.

    2. Camo

    Every hunter needs camouflage. We don't sell any. But it's up on our list because hunters want it. Feel free to make recommendations for good places in the comments if you have a great source.

    3. Crossbows

    Crossbow Turkey Hunting

    Crossbows often have add on features that you can purchase. If you know a hunter who has a bow, try to find out what they have and grab some extras for them to use.  Or if they have a basic crossbow you can get them one that will allow some new features for them to try.

    4. Multi tool

    SOG multi tool

    The uses are endless for a good multi tool. A week after you receive your first one you wonder how you ever lived without it.

    The one here that we recommend as a gift is from SOG and has some awesome features. SOG lightweight design ensures a comfortable, safe, easy use multi tool. Driven by an exclusive interlocking gear system, SOG's patented compound leverage technology is a legend in folding tools. The S62-N features removable, pivoting handle covers that improve hand comfort and allow for additional pressure on tough jobs.

    You'll feel proud to give such a nice gift.

    5. Gerber Knife Set  

    Gerber Knife Set

    ESknives has several packages ready to ship to you. Check out our Gerber package.

    Includes the Gerber Freehand Multi-ToolThe Gerber Metolius Guthook and  the Gerber Metolius Caper.

    The Gerber Metolius Caper features full tang construction with a Razor Sharp 3.5" High carbon Surgical Stainless Steel Blade. The nylon handle that fits comfortably and securely in your hands thanks to a soft but grippy overmold.

    The Gerber Freehand multi-tool components include: Needle Nose Pliers, fine edge blade, serrated blunt nose blade, V-cut wire cutters, Fiskars scissors, cross point screwdriver, small flat blade screwdriver, medium flat blade screwdriver, industrial driver, bottle opener, can opener, ruler, laynard ring.  Comes with a Molle Compatible Sheath. Tool is made in the USA.

    6. Backpack to easily keep supplies in for the Hunt

    All that gear needs to go somewhere. This backpack fits in well with camo gear to not give you away.  The many compartments will hold your knives, snacks, water, Compass, extra layers, fire starter, multi tools, and all that other gear that comes in handy on a hunt.

    7. Spotting Scope

    You can rely on a spotter to provide you the most bright, crisp, clear images combined with High Definition color contrast at powers higher than most binoculars can provide. Our spotting scope from Barska is waterproof and fog proof. The variable zoom magnifications allow you to lock on to your subject then zoom in for greater detail.

    No matter what you are hunting, a spotter is a great item to add to your gear.    

    8. Skinning knives

    After a kill, you need to skin the animal. A good non slip handle is essential when choosing a knife for the job. This set of 3 from Turkey Creek includes 6-1/2" overall small hunter with 3" blade, 9" overall guthook hunter with 4" guthook blade, and 11" overall cleaver with 6" blade. Knives feature matte finish 440 stainless steel (3.1mm thick) bead blasted grey blade.  

    What would you add to our list?

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    Zombified - The Ultimate Plan

    Prepare for the Zombies

    You know you need a plan, you just haven't gotten around to it.  The time is now, my friends, the time is now. Zombies don't care if you're ready. They will TAKE YOU OUT.

    There are many plans available out there, but having the weapons to defend yourself and loved ones is first and foremost!  Luckily has all you need for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Just remember, while a sword or shotgun are cool weapons, the most effective defense against walkers is lightly jogging. Stay fit folks.


    Ask me about my zombie plan

    Do you have a plan?

    The impending zombie apocalypse is nothing to joke around about. Ladies, do not date a man that can not show you his plan for the zombie apocalypse. If he doesn't know how to protect you, keep looking.


    A few suggested plans, put into a nice infographic so you don't have to read too much:

    Zombie Emergency Procedure Inforgraphic

    as well as this nice plan: Zombie Survival Guide 

    Your Zombie preparation kit has some basic essentials: Survival knife, Stormproof matches, first aid, flashlight, hydration, energy food, signal mirror, cast-iron skillet,. If there is a better place to get a survival knife than, we haven't found it. A family owned business with every knife you could possibly want or need.  Every home needs a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit!


    Prevent Zombie infections by washing your hands

    Prevent Zombie infection- Wash your hands!

    In case of Zombie break glass

    Every home needs an "In Case of Zombies Break Glass"  kit like this.


    Keep Calm zombies

    Stay Calm and don't get infected.  Panic makes you not think straight that is far to close to being a zombie for my comfort level.

    A good blowgun will get them from far away.

    It's nice that Zombies love you for what is on the inside.


    If you need directions on killing a zombie- here is a simple step by step process:

    1. Get Sword from

    2. Aim for Neck on Zombie.

    How to kill a zombie

    Zombie bed sheet set

    Turn our Awesome SURVIVAL KIT into a great Christmas or Birthday gift.


    Scarecrow zombie wants brains

    Don't be SCARED. With some protection close by, they will not be eating you.

    Deep thought: if a Zombie Apocalypse happened in Vegas, would it stay in Vegas?


    Count how many zombies you see in this picture. The longer you stare, the more zombies appear!


    Magic Eye the more you state the more zombies appear

    What are the essentials you will need to fight off a Zombie and defend yourself?  You can get the knives you'll need at Our family owned business has every knife you need, and we have great guides to tell you how to care for your knives


    I love zombies movies
    Zombie movies are good for helping you prepare for what may be coming.

    Also, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has some great tips on Zombie preparedness for you to check out.


    snoopy and the peanuts gang zombies

    Once your are infected, there is no going back. Snoopy has to protect himself and you may too.

    A nice sword, some knives, and a few blowguns to get started...


    Zombies eat brains. You are safe

    zombie uncle sam poster

    Since Zombies really only eat brains, I think You're Safe.


    Daryl Walking Dead Redneck

    Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

    Oh yeah- Make fun of the Redneck... until the Zombies come and now you NEED us.

    Best protection against Walkers is lightly jogging. Stay Fit.

    Then use your fitness tools to protect the house.


    Want some reading material to build your defense plan?  Follow this link to the Zombie Survival guide to purchase on Amazon.


    While does recommend having a plan for zombie survival, we also think a little time on a life plan is also advisable.

    Lay College Senior Zombie Prep

    Zombie warning sign

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